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A thread to discuss all things snooker related such as tournaments, debates and news and anything to with the world of snooker in 2019.

A look at the race to the World Grand Prix at Cheltenham Racecourse:
China's Ding Junhui is through to the quarter-finals of the Masters after a dominant performance to beat England's Jack Lisowski 6-1.

Ronnie, Ryan Day and Luca Brecel all through as well.
An comfortable 6-2 win for Barry Hawkins over Shaun Murphy last night.
A strange noise during the match between Trump and Wilson
Have some people turned up at ally pally to watch darts ? Some of the shouting out in tonight's match with Hawkins.and Robertson has been unnecessary. Tomorrow afternoon will be rowdier with Ronnie O'Sullivan playing Ding.
As pleased as I am for Judd Trump, you have to ask what happened to Mark Selby - he was all over the place.
QUOTE(Mack. @ Jan 18 2019, 11:05 PM) *
As pleased as I am for Judd Trump, you have to ask what happened to Mark Selby - he was all over the place.

I certainly didn't expect Trump to win. ohmy.gif smile.gif
Selby just doesn't seem to be the player he was when winning the world title back in 2017.

A great win for Judd Trump over Ronnie O'Sullivan to win the Masters.
Indeed, that was a mature polished performance from Judd against Ronnie.
Congratulations to Judd. Did all the legwork in the first session, leaving Ronnie a mountain to climb. Wanted Ronnie to win but all due respect to Judd as he also beat Selby with some brilliant match play snooker on route. One of the favourites for the crucible now?
QUOTE(Mack. @ Jan 21 2019, 10:13 AM) *
Congratulations to Judd. Did all the legwork in the first session, leaving Ronnie a mountain to climb. Wanted Ronnie to win but all due respect to Judd as he also beat Selby with some brilliant match play snooker on route.

Plus there'll be less talk about him 'only having won one major' now...
David Gilbert makes the 147th official 147 in the Championship League, Group 5! He will earn £600 for it.
QUOTE(Mack. @ Jan 22 2019, 06:44 PM) *
David Gilbert makes the 147th official 147 in the Championship League, Group 5! He will earn £600 for it.

Remember when they used to get £147000 for one! tongue.gif
Snooker Shootout Draw

1 England Ricky Walden [20] v Wales Liam James Davies (a)
2 England Ashley Carty [97] v England Steven Hallworth (a)
3 Ireland Michael Judge (a) v England Tom Ford [16]
4 England James Cahill (a) v China Mei Xiwen [65]
5 Norway Kurt Maflin [37] v Wales Lee Walker [83]
6 England Ian Burns [55] v England Kyren Wilson [2]
7 China Zhao Xintong [53] v England Joe O'Connor [85]
8 China Chen Feilong [96] v China Lu Ning [72]
9 England Sean O'Sullivan [92] v Wales Jamie Clarke
10 England Craig Steadman [82] v Northern Ireland Jordan Brown [91]
11 Northern Ireland Joe Swail [74] v England Kuldesh Johal (a)
12 England Luke Simmonds (a) v China Zhang Yong [58]
13 China Xu Si [59] v England Billy Joe Castle [81]
14 Thailand Akani Songsermsawad [40] v China Lü Haotian [27]
15 England Harvey Chandler [90] v England Gary Wilson [23]
16 China Zhang Jiankang [99] v England Jimmy Robertson [13]
17 Scotland Anthony McGill [9] v Scotland Fraser Patrick (a)
18 England Elliot Slessor [89] v Wales Duane Jones [70]
19 England Chris Wakelin [35] v England Oliver Lines [93]
20 Germany Lukas Kleckers [94] v England Jamie O'Neill (a)
21 Belgium Ben Mertens (a) v Thailand James Wattana [103]
22 England Alfie Burden [78] v Malaysia Thor Chuan Leong [98]
23 Scotland Chris Totten [73] v England Mitchell Mann (a)
24 England Andrew Higginson [41] v Wales Michael White [24]
25 China Chen Zifan [75] v England Sam Baird [84]
26 China Tian Pengfei [62] v Hong Kong Andy Lee [102]
27 China Yan Bingtao [10] v Wales Kishan Hirani [105]
28 England Joe Perry [7] v England Rory McLeod [46]
29 China Fan Zhengyi [104] v Pakistan Hamza Akbar [86]
30 England Hammad Miah [100] v China Zhang Anda [67]
31 Finland Robin Hull [66] v China Li Yuan [69]
32 Wales Jak Jones [71] v Scotland Liam Graham (a)
33 Wales Matthew Stevens [33] v England Stuart Bingham [4]
34 Ireland Stephen Bateman (a) v England Mark Davis [22]
35 England Shaun Murphy [3] v England Mark King [14]
36 England Emma Parker (af) v India Laxman Rawat (a)
37 China Niu Zhuang [76] v Scotland Ross Muir [77]
38 England John Astley [95] v England Brandon Sargeant (a)
39 England Ashley Hugill [79] v England Allister Carter [6]
40 China Yuan Sijun [52] v Wales Dominic Dale [49]
41 England Ben Hancorn (a) v England Peter Lines [57]
42 Germany Simon Lichtenberg [101] v England Barry Hawkins [1]
43 Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher [54] v England Andy Hicks (a)
44 England Ben Woollaston [30] v England Sam Craigie [87]
45 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene [56] v England Matthew Selt [39]
46 Belgium Luca Brecel [5] v England Farakh Ajaib (a)
47 China Zhou Yuelong [21] v England Michael Holt [29]
48 England Anthony Hamilton [18] v England David B Gilbert [8]
49 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh [38] v England Robert Milkins [17]
50 Thailand Noppon Saengkham [19] v Wales Daniel Wells [50]
51 China Li Hang [25] v Ireland Fergal O'Brien [43]
52 England Martin Gould [15] v England Liam Highfield [45]
53 England Adam Duffy (a) v England Mark Joyce [34]
54 China Luo Honghao [63] v England Mike Dunn [42]
55 England Reanne Evans (af) v England Jimmy White [60]
56 Ireland Ken Doherty [51] v Poland Adam Stefanow [106]
57 England Peter Ebdon [31] v Cyprus Michael Georgiou [44]
58 Scotland Graeme Dott [11] v England Martin O'Donnell [32]
59 Scotland Scott Donaldson [36] v England Allan Taylor [61]
60 England Rod Lawler [80] v England Nigel Bond [64]
61 England Sanderson Lam [88] v Scotland Alan McManus [47]
62 England Stuart Carrington [28] v Iran Hossein Vafaei [26]
63 China Xiao Guodong [12] v England Paul S Davison [68]
64 England Robbie Williams [48] v England Ryan Davies (a)
World Grand Prix Draw

(1) Mark Allen v Gary Wilson (32)
(16) Martin O'Donnell v Allister Carter (17)
(9) Jack Lisowski v Ding Junhui (24)
(8) David B Gilbert v Yan Bingtao (25)
(5) Neil Robertson v Xiao Guodong (28)
(12) Jimmy Robertson v Mark Davis (21)
(13) Stephen Maguire v Mark King (20)
(4) Mark J Williams v Yuan Sijun (29)
(3) Mark Selby v Shaun Murphy (30)
(14) John Higgins v Noppon Saengkham (19)
(11) Joe Perry v Tom Ford (22)
(6) Judd Trump v Stuart Carrington (27)
(7) Kyren Wilson v Matthew Stevens (26)
(10) Stuart Bingham v Zhao Xintong (23)
(15) Barry Hawkins v Ryan Day (18)
(2) Ronnie O'Sullivan v Marco Fu (31)
Gutted for David Gilbert. Two times this season he’s had a lead towards the end of a final but a ranking title continues to elude him. His time will come hopefully in the not too distant future.
World Grand Prix starts here in Cheltenham today. smile.gif
Two Welsh players have been banned from snooker after a corruption inquiry.

Former professional David John will serve a suspension of five years and seven months, while Jamie Jones has been given a one-year ban.
Yuan Sijun pulls off another great scalp! After beating John Higgins last week and Mark Williams yesterday he now beats Stephen Maguire 4-2 to reach the Quarter Finals of the World Grand Prix!
Mark Allen conceded the match when 3-1 down and 20-2 points down in his match against Ali Carter
When asked if he regretted his actions. Mark Allen said

Not at all. I don't regret much that I've done over the years
It will be a Judd Trump v Barry Hawkins semi-final as they go through with Judd beating Selby 5-1 and Hawkins beating Kyren Wilson 5-2.

Ali Carter reached his first ranking final for two years with a 6-0 thrashing of China's Xiao Goudong at the World Grand Prix.
Congratulations to Judd Trump! He becomes the 10th player to win 10 career ranking titles beating Ali Carter in the final 10-6.
Neil Robertson makes a 147 maximum break at the Welsh Open. His 4th in professional competition.

Thanks to Mart!n for finding this. A strange moment from The Crucible back in 2013.
World Champion Mark Williams is out of the Welsh Open after losing 4-2 to Zhang Anda in the second round.
Robertson-Bingham is my prediction for the final.

Cant see Robertson not reaching the final with that draw.

Bingham seems to be extra motivated for this tournament and needs the ranking points for the Crucible.
Neil Robertson will play Stuart Bingham in the Welsh Open final after a 6-0 semi-final win over Iran's Hossein Vafaei.
Neil Robertson is the Welsh Open champion for the 2nd time after beating Stuart Bingham 9-7!
It is now 14 years in a row he’s won at least one trophy, Neil Robertson.
QUOTE(Mack. @ Feb 16 2019, 10:29 PM) *
Neil Robertson will play Stuart Bingham in the Welsh Open final after a 6-0 semi-final win over Iran's Hossein Vafaei.

That's the enigma of snooker - how someone can do so well in one round, then get whitewashed in the next. wacko.gif
I think that the occasion may have got to Hossein Vafaei which was a shame to see after he beat Selby in the last 16.

Stuart Bingham's opinion on the Snooker Shootout
Were Evans and White randomly drawn to play each other, or was this set up intentionally...? Well it was for Jimmy White over Reanne Evans in the Shootout.
Second round draw of the Snooker Shootout.
Stephen Maguire now safe for the Players Championship with Zhao Xintong out of the Shoot Out, the final 16 confirmed.
Players Championship Draw

1 - Mark Allen v 16 - Stephen Maguire
8 - Dave Gilbert v 9 - Stuart Bingham
5 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v 12 - Barry Hawkins
4 - Mark Selby v 13 - John Higgins
3 - Neil Robertson v 14 - Joe Perry
6 - Mark Williams v 11 - Ali Carter
7 - Kyren Wilson v 10 - Jack Lisowski
2 - Judd Trump v 15 - Jimmy Robertson
Bit of a strange moment in the 4th frame last night at the Players Championship between Ronnie and Barry Hawkins.

And it got weirder with Mr O'Sullivan
John Higgins beats Mark Selby 6-4.

The World Number 1 is out of the Coral Players Championship. It will be a O'Sullivan v Higgins quarter-final then.

Another early exit for Selby again. He has only won three tournaments across all of last season and this one combined, and he hasn't troubled any of the triple crown events.

In fact he is often the forgotten man, not getting the mentions the others do, and he is world number one!

Also through to the quarter-finals is Stuart Bingham with a 6-4 victory over Dave Gilbert.

Mark Williams pulls one back, 5-3 now in his quarter-final match with Neil Robertson.

I think Jack Lisowski must be feeling as a sick as a parrot after he let a 5-2 lead slip away against Judd Trump in their quarter-final match, with Trump winning 6-5.

Outstanding break from Neil Robertson with the other 5 colours all on cushions. A match winner. He'll play Judd Trump next in the semi-finals.

Ronnie´s now playing exceptionally low-key snooker, which suits very well to him. But once again he needs to try to forget being completely flawless. If he fails to be slightly flawless in terms of missing a one or two easy position shots, I mean failing to get the cannon correct, John will probably get better of him in their Players Championship quarter-final this afternoon.

I think it will be Neil Robertson that will win against him and Trump, probably a 6-4 win for him.

Good win for Ronnie over John Higgins with a 6-4 win over him, he'll play Mark Allen in the semi-finals.

Jill Douglas asks if Trump can be as good as Higgins or Hendry. Ronnie did well to not laugh there.
Neil Robertson is the first man through to the Players Championship final after an impressive 6-4 victory over Judd Trump.
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