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New LGBT series featuring a gay man with cerebral palsy is on Netflix and it is EVERYTHING. Well written, hilarious and really touching at points too. Unfortunately the episodes are only 15 minutes long which is really frustrating. It seems to have received to little to no promotion by Netflix as well which is disappointing.

I'd urge everyone to watch this, it's so feel good and such an easy watch! wub.gif
Jay ☆
Watched all of this last night and really enjoyed! wub.gif Despite the short episode lengths, I thought the characters were very instantly appealing. Ryan’s friend/colleague Kim is a scene stealer! I felt bad for the mother, she couldn’t do right for doing wrong despite being so selfless and caring. cry.gif

It’s great to see a show that shines a spotlight on navigating life with a disability, and I also appreciated it for being a positive portrayal of being LGBT.

Would definitely recommend, I’m glad you enjoyed it too Jack! wub.gif
Glad to see someone else likes it!! I agree the other characters were so good and well thought out, Kim especially was a absolute icon throughout. I'm hoping it picks up another series and gets an extended episode length next time, it's too good to just be a one off!
Miss Americana
Watched this last night after seeing you post the thread and it was amazing! wub.gif Pretty much agree with everything you've both said already, and like Jay said I couldn't help but feel sorry for the mum so much. cry.gif I kinda started to dislike him towards the end. Kim is iconic though!

Agreed that it definitely needs a second season, and bumping the episodes up to 45 minutes (or even half an hour) would be great.
Loved this! Watched it all in one go. Hopefully it gets another series and they extend the episodes. Kim is friend goals.
I finally got around to finishing this last night (lmao I'm like the total opposite of a binge watcher, even with the 15 minute episode lengths I spread it out unintentionally over more than a month), I really hope it gets picked up for more episodes because not only is it funny, charming and great for representation but we can't be left on a sad note forever. sad.gif
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