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Full Version: Dancing with a Stranger vs. How Do You Sleep?
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Both seem popular on BJ which is astonishing considering Sam's not exactly the most loved artist here! laugh.gif

Which song do you prefer? Vote in the poll!

While I do like 'How Do You Sleep?' it has to be 'Dancing With a Stranger' for me. Easily one of his best ever!
I think How Do You Sleep? will keep growing on me, but for now it has to be Dancing With a Stranger!
Dancing with a stranger is one of my songs of the year so has to be that heart.gif
How Do You Sleep?

The other one is dull af
Dancing With A Stranger, for now. How Do You Sleep? is growing on me ever so quickly though.
How do you sleep.
HDYS - absolutely loving it!
Tawdry Hepburn
I feel like 'Dancing With a Stranger' has this, but they're both astonishingly good considering they're Sam Smith.
HDYS in the lead - wasn't expecting that ohmy.gif
‘Dancing With A Stranger’ all the way! I’m not impressed with ‘How Do You Sleep’ on first listen.
Blown away by “How Do You Sleep?” too much not to give it my vote.
Jay ☆
Dancing with a Stranger is my favourite, but I really like How Do You Sleep as well!
Dancing with a Stranger
I went with "Dancing With A Stranger", but "How Do You Sleep" is great as well
21-20 - as close as the One Last Time/no tears left to cry poll tbh
Voted for 'How Do You Sleep?'! I'm in shock at how good it is. I do like both though, this switch-up from Sam has been very much appreciated.
Michael Bubré
I like both of them which is much more than I ever expected from Sam this era x 'Dancing With A Stranger' did kind of get old pretty quickly but I'm liking 'How Do You Sleep?' a lot more and think it will stand up better to repeated listens as well so that easily.
I think HDYS is about to overtake 'Dancing..' for me ohmy.gif
Both are amazing but Im going with "HDYS" it has way more going for it.
Yup, I've officially switched. Now prefer HDYS!
31-31 ohmy.gif
How Do You Sleep is the better song I think (although I played the shit out of DWAS earlier in the year, to the point that I can hardly listen to it now) - stronger melodies/vocals all round.
How Do You Sleep? for me too! DWAS is nice but nothing I feel compelled to hear away from the radio.
Finally come around to How Do You Sleep?

Great song.
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