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Full Version: Which Spice Girl produced your favourite solo material?
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I've educated myself on all of the solo Spice singles thanks to the Spice Rate being held currently (go vote if you haven't already!!) and the quality overall was stronger than I realised for some reason, so I've been spending the night listening to my favourites. I wanted to find out - which member's solo material is YOUR favourite?

Vote in the poll and post to tell us who you voted for - maybe even post a rank of all 5, tell us the reasons for your choices and your favourite songs by each of them!
Melanie C is easily the most consistent for me! While Mel B doesn't have many solo moments that I care for unfortunately. Voted for them in the respective polls!

My favourite by each:

Emma - What Took You So Long?
Geri - Mi Chico Latino
Mel B - I Want You Back
Melanie C - Never Be The Same Again
Victoria - Let Your Head Go

Bunton for me does it. She had a couple of missteps but overall she has put out the strongest material, imo. Free Me is a classic. Life in Mono is absolutely stunning follow up. Life in Mono and A Girl Like Me had great tracks in them. And she always delivers with her singing!

The worst for me is Victoria. She has some nice moments with Out of Your Mind and a few tracks in VB album, plus Let Your Head Go was cute. But overall, I dont think we got enough great stuff from her specially.

Mel B is second worse, unfortunately. Her albums were full of fillers, and she hasnt had a great single since Feels So Good. But her run of I Want You Back, Word Up, Tell Me and Feels So Good was simply marvelous. All singles were incredible and surprising. Shame the album that followed, Lullaby and her second album were so bad, cos I think she had a great promising start.

Word Up has to be in my Top3 solo moments ever, to this day!

But I went with Emma as best and Victoria for worse.
A little note to say that I've actually only heard two solo Spice albums, both of which are by Emma [Free Me, a long time ago lol, and My Happy Place], so I'm judging based solely on singles!

1. Emma
Unlike the rest of the group, I've actually been familiar with Emma's songs for a looooong time so she has a head start on the rest. Maybe is my overall favourite and her overall quality is the most consistent too - I don't think she's put out a bad single! You're All I Need to Get By is one I can take or leave but I actively like the rest of them and revisit my favourites frequently!
FAVES: Maybe, We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight, Free Me, What Took You So Long, Take My Breath Away, I'll Be There

2. Melanie C
I knew a small selection of Melanie C songs before listening to the Spice Rate last night, and I Turn to You was my favourite of those. Of course, as she has the biggest discography of any of them, it's natural that it's more patchy in places too. Goin' Down is a contender for my least favourite Spice-related single (I mean, that's turning a blind eye to Cosmic Shower lol x), but she also has some really great highs. Tracks like First Day of My Life, This Time and Let There Be Love are great discoveries for me and I hadn't even heard Never Be the Same Again, but for a song that's quite old now, it still sounds pretty fresh today!
FAVES: I Turn to You, Never Be the Same Again, Let There Be Love, First Day of My Life, This Time, Better Alone, Anymore, Dear Life

3. Mel B
Mel produced quite a few bops - For Once In My Life has been a song that's stuck with me for its 6 (!) years of existence quite impressively, and I love Feels So Good too! I Want Your Back has one of the most iconic intros in pop music *.* Of course, Mel has less material to judge on, and something like Word Up is quite tacky really, but I'd be very happy to listen to pretty much all of her singles at any time.
FAVES: For Once In My Life, Feels So Good, I Want You Back, Tell Me

4. Geri
Geri's selection is pretty patchy for me and some of it depends on the mood I'm in as to whether I'll enjoy it laugh.gif songs like Bag It Up and Ride It are pop at their finest, Mi Chico Latino is sublime, and It's Raining Men is a surprisingly great cover of a very overplayed song (not sure I've ever felt gayer than when listening to this x). However, Look At Me firmly straddles the border between boppy and annoying kink.gif while I'll quite happily give or take many of her others.
FAVES: Mi Chico Latino, Bag It Up, Ride It

5. Victoria
There's not a lot to go off for Victoria of course with such a small list of singles so she's almost last for that alone, but unlike Mel B, I wouldn't quite choose to listen to every track she put out. Not Such An Innocent Girl is her best, it's a great track and I really like This Groove too, but Out of Your Mind is veeery dated and tacky sounding to me - perhaps I'd have enjoyed it more when it came out, hearing it in the context of the time period?
FAVES: Not Such An Innocent Girl, This Groove
Jay ☆
wub.gif So glad you've listened to all of their singles Joseph! A solo Spice stan is born *.*

It's a tough question for me when it comes to best. It can change with the wind really, between Emma & Melanie C... so much goodness in their discographies. wub.gif At the moment I'm more in an Emma mood, so I'll vote for her.

Geri's first era was supremely excellent but I didn't take much away from her following two albums. She's firmly in the middle!

Then it's a toss up between Mel B & Victoria for least favourite, which is more to do with their comparatively smaller discographies than disliking what they released. I mean both have some very average album tracks, but occasional glimmers of great quality too. Argh, I find it hard to decide... maybe by a whisker Victoria is last.
I voted Melanie C for favourite and Victoria for least.

My order:

1. Melanie C
Iíve loved Melanieís career from the get go. When youíre gone was such a moment for me and then her Northern Star album is spectacular it opened me up to new musical styles and made me interested in music beyond just 90ís/00s cheesy pop. While none of her follow ups have been as good as Northern Star I genuinely like every album (Stages less so), and think she has continued to make some cracking songs, plus she actually tours and is dedicated to her music career unlike the others. Love her.
Fave single - Never be the same again
Fave album track - Burn

2. Geri
While Geri can be incredibly cheesy and quite camp I canít fault the melodicness of her songs. She has a good ear for a catchy tune and again I think all her albums have been strong with catchy tracks. She was the truest Pop star of therm all in her persona and over the top antics to boost her career which was also entertaining (Bag it up), and I also love her unreleased album Man in the mountain. She does annoy me a little being so hung up on #1 and giving up way too quickly once things didnít get Uber success... then again all the remaining girls have that issue. Also canít believe she never released LNLM, if Ride it could chart at #4 then LNLM would have been a top 2 hit easily!
Fave single - Mi Chico Latino
Fave album track - Love never loved me

2. Emma
Emma really developed her career in a way Melanie and Geri didnít. While I like all of M and Gís albums their debuts were their peak in terms of quality, Emma however improved tremendously with her follow up! Free Me is a brilliant album and well worthy of a lot more success than it gained, I was always slightly sad it wasnít released first as I think it would have been a lot more successful. Life in mono is also beautiful (albeit a little slow aka This Time could do with a few more upbeat tracks). The reason why the other two outpeak Emma is because I think her first album is really weak! It has the incredible WTYSL and a few good tracks but there is so much filler. I was really disappointed.
Fave single - What took you so long
Fave album track - Breathing

4. Mel B
I think Mel got a bit of a raw deal with her solo success. Hot while not amazing definitely deserved more then a #28 peak. It has some really good songs on it and overall isnít a bad album. I think she messed up with her single releases a bit in the orders and some choices. LASOM i think is brilliant. Such a chill easy listening album a bit raw but really catchy. Again the success of that album (if you can use that term lol) is so undeserved some beautiful tracks. FOIML is also cracking tune!
Fave single - I want you back
Fave album track - If I had my life again

5. Victoria
Poor Victoria only one not to hit #1! I thought she started of brilliantly and was really looking forwards to hearing what she cane up with after OOYM... the result was ver disappointing! While the tune has grown on me slightly over the years I still think NSAIG is one of the worst Spice related releases. AMOIO is fairly nice but not strong enough to be a single and I donít massively rate I Wish which a lot of fans do. Her first album was really not for me at all. I did really love This Groove though that is a brilliant track and with LYHG she really deserved the hit the #1 spot (sadly not to be). I love the OYE album but as a fan mixed album I canít really use that in this rate. Based on official releases she is the only one not to release an album I love (or even like).
Fave single - This groove
Fave album track - I wish
Here's my ranking:

1. Emma
Both the most consistent in terms of quality and enjoyability. I loved 'What I Am' and 'What Took You So Long', but once she hit her 60s throwback groove on the 'Free Me' and 'Life In Mono' albums she really found her identity as a solo artist independent from the group but that didn't totally alienate Spice Girl fans as they had that sense of melody and feeling to them. You could definitely draw parallels between a single like 'I'll Be There' and say, 'Stop' for example, or even between 'Crickets Sing' and 'Spice Up Your Life'.

2. Melanie C
'Northern Star' and 'Reason' both brilliant records for me, as were 'The Sea' and more recently 'Version of Me'. I feel like Melanie's only just got more adventurous in her last few albums. Certainly it's hard think of any other artist with pop based roots who's released the grungy hard rock of 'Goin' Down' and a musical theatre covers album.

3. Victoria
I suppose it was inevitable given she was the last to do it and her being so linked and associated to the man she married, but Victoria really got a harder treatment by fans and critics than she deserved. When actually, from my perspective, I felt her records were more enjoyable than what the others put out sometimes. I loved the True Steppers single, but her first album was a really solid pop album, I loved 'Innocent Girl' (amazing video too) 'A Mind Of Its Own' and 'IOU', the song she did for David on that record. 'Let Your Head Go' was superb as well.

4. Geri
I've revisited 'Schizophonic' in recent years, and it's a brilliant album, and you suspect the one the Spice Girls would have made as their third album - in a roundabout way - had she not left in terms of it showcasing what she bought to the table in the group. It's her most rawly ambitious and honest solo record for me because she didn't take any risks lyrically or production wise - I think she said something in a promo EPK for the album to that effect - and she had some really big, clever pop moments that got talked about and remembered at a time when pop videos and performance and imagery mattered - 'Look At Me', 'Mi Chico Latino' and 'Bag It Up' were all brilliant releases. I felt like she lost her way with the second and third albums. She had occasional great singles after that point ('Scream', 'Calling') but unless they were topping the charts and creating the sensation of her earlier releases it was an own goal.

5. Mel B
'I Want You Back' with Missy Elliott was great and was really clever and different for the time. But Mel was trying so hard to be taken seriously as a credible R&B star when there were thousands of others out there - Aaliyah, Ashanti, even J.Lo - who were doing what she was trying to do and were better at it. So she shot herself in the foot because Spice Girl fans weren't so accepting on a wider level, and equally no fans of R&B or urban leaning music were buying that Scary Spice was the next Janet Jackson. It didn't help as well that she was doing all of that in a broad Leeds accent that worked against rather than in harmony with the Darkchild/Jam and Lewis produced stuff she did.
Geri would have been number 1 for me, will never forget her first album and first 4 singles doing so well, really liked her 2nd and 3rd album too although better single choices could have been made but overall she was the one I remember loving the most at the time.

Mel C probably second mainly due to the amount of material she has released, she's been consistently good and some of my fave ever songs she has done and I like that she has been the most experimental with genres.

Victoria is 3rd for me, I've loved all the stuff she has released l, don't think she has had a bad song at all for me. Only trouble is that she hasn't released enough material. Had she had the confidence to release more she possibly would have been in my Top 2

Emma would be 4th, I love her voice and she's had some great songs but only a few that I would call as classics and go back to on a regular basis.

Mel B would be last, I loved her first album, especially Tell Me, but her second album is probably one of the worst solo spice albums, although I've listened to it more recently and grown to like it a bit more. Would have liked to see more from her as For Once In My Life was a tune.
Melanie C fav !!!

Victoria - I only listen to three songs !
Apart from Melanie C, the following ranking is not necessarily the one of my favorite Spice Girls:

1. Melanie C: My favorite solo Spice, my favorite Spice Girl, one of my favorite singer, one of my favorite person, Northern Star one of my favorite albums of all time;
2. Geri: Her Schizoponic's singles are pop perfection;
3. Mel B: I could be unpopular but I love Hot. In her "poor" discography there are some songs that I love like Feels So Good, Word Up and For Once In My Life;
4. Emma: I'm not a fan of the Free Me era but I love WTYSL, Take My Breath Away and All I Need To Know from her;
5. Victoria: So sorry for her solo career...she had the potential, everything she needed to make good music (Let Your Head Go is perfection).
Mel C is by far my fave.
Geri for least.
Blond 2.0
Fave :Mel C

Least : Vicky
December Dong
VB as her songs were LIT and the most obvious continuation and evolution from the Spice sound - as Geri just continued it without evolving it.

Mel C is second, but who can compete with Out of Your Mind, Innocent Girl with THAT video, Let Your Head Go and This. Groove? Mel C can with her first album, but her stuff after has been woeful. On first albumd alone, Mel C, but on everything, VB.

Least favourite - Emma, as her stuff is really boring and bland.

1. VB
2. Mel C
3. Mel B - ooh yeaah, feels so good
4. Geri
5. Emma B
My list:

1. Gerita
For Look At Me alone. The group really suffered without her knack for being shamelessly pop.

2. Melanie C
Obviously has the most material and most versatile catalog.

3. Emma
Tends to stay on the safe side of things and too often borders on MOR blandness, but she when she excels she excels.

4. Melanie B
Patchy, to say the least.

5. Victoria
I just don't think the "urban" direction that she wanted to take her career ever fit her voice. The leaked pop/dance album doesn't make up for that as it's not properly produced.
1. Geri
2. Melanie C
3. Emma

I have never been that invested in the solo music of Mel B and Victoria but each have some great moments.
Mel C has the highest number of songs I like out of the group, so I'll vote her. I love the Northern Star era...and she won me back over with a lot of The Sea and Version of Me. I wasn't particularly interested in Reason, Beautiful Intentions, and This Time. I don't think they're bad albums. They're just not my thing...with a few exceptions. So. While I'd say I like the largest number of Mel C songs...I like a larger percentage of Geri's stuff (if that makes sense).

Least favorite? Probably has to be Mel B...which is a bummer because she's my favorite member when the group's together. I love I Want You Back, Tell Me, and Feels So Good...and think all three are among the best solo releases. Tell Me in particular is underrated. But too much of Hot sounds anonymous...which is a crime for a personality as big as Mel's. As it is...I think about half the album wasn't good enough to be included. A lot of weak material was dumped on her...and I think she accepted it because it came from big names. As for LA State of Mind...I'm glad it has fans...but I think the average singer/songwriter handing out CDs on the street has better sounding albums...
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