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Full Version: RESULTS: Clean Bandit Singles Survivor
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It was very close between the final two songs when the poll originally went up but one song slowly started pulling away over the past 24 hours..

So, the runner-up and finishing in second place with 41.18% of the vote is Clean Bandit's iconic collaboration with Jess Glynne. 'Rather Be' was released all the way back in January of 2014 as the fourth single from their debut album 'New Eyes'. It was their breakout hit and what a hit it was - the song debuted at number one in the UK and stayed there for four weeks. It was also the third fastest-selling single of 2014, and the highest-selling January single since "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo in 1996 ohmy.gif It also won Best Dance Recording at the Grammys in 2015! An incredible song which still sounds brilliant today!

There could only be one winner though and it's the correct decision, let's be real wub.gif 'Symphony' is BJ's favourite Clean Bandit single as it goes onto win with 58.82% of the vote! It features Zara Larsson and was released back in March 2017 as the third single from 'What Is Love?' and was met with critical acclaim. It went onto top the UK charts and become (at the time) Clean Bandit's third #01. It's a gorgeous love ballad with an absolutely heartbreaking and poignant music video which has almost 870 million views and over 4 and a half million likes on Youtube. Their career highlight, it's going to be extremely difficult for them to top this. Bless your day and listen to the song below -


01. Symphony (with Zara Larsson) [FINAL: 30 votes to WIN / 58.82%]
02. Rather Be (with Jess Glynne) [FINAL: 21 votes to WIN / 41.18%]
03. Rockabye (with Sean Paul and Anne-Marie) [Round 13: 25 votes / 55.56%]
04. Solo (with Demi Lovato) [Round 12: 18 votes / 38.30%]
05. Tears (with Louisa Johnson) [Round 11: 18 votes / 36.00%]
06. Real Love (with Jess Glynne) [Round 10: 17 votes / 48.57%]
07. I Miss You (with Julia Michaels) [Round 9: 22 votes / 44.00%]
08. Stronger [Round 8: 22 votes / 56.41%]
09. Mozart's House (with Love Ssega) [Round 7: 17 votes / 34.00%]
10. Baby (with Marina and Luis Fonsi) [Round 6: 16 votes / 33.33%]
11. Dust Clears (with Noonie Bao) [Round 5: 15 votes / 35.71%]
12. Extraordinary (with Sharna Bass) [Round 4: 16 votes / 37.21%]
13. Come Over (with Stylo G) [Round 3: 11 votes / 23.91%]
14. Intentions (with Gorgon City) [Round 2: 18 votes / 17.31%]
15. Mama (with Ellie Goulding) [Round 2: 23 votes / 22.12%]
16. A+E (with Kandaka Moore and Nikki Cislyn) [Round 1: 20 votes / 18.18%]
17. Lost (with End of the World) [Round 1: 22 votes / 20.00%]

Thanks to everybody who has contributed over the past month. Its been a fun survivor! happy.gif
Tones and Iz
Not what I voted for but I can't argue with that. Great song. I always associate it with Your Lie In April for some reason, the lyrics about suddenly hearing symphonies have parallels with that show's plot and it WAS about the best chart pop song of 2017 so, yeah, great winner.

This has been QUITE the experience of a survivor, thanks for running it Jase.
Good results and great winner! Turned out how I expected it would.
Ah yeah, finally the justice is here!
Great winner happy.gif
Tawdry Hepburn
'Symphony' is their best for me, it's such a beauty.

I think I missed voting in the final, but glad it won biggrin.gif
YES correct winner, well done people cheer.gif
Very underwhelming winner nocheer.gif glad that 'Rather Be' made it as high as top 2 though *.*
Great to see Symphony emerge as the winner! Great result.
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