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Full Version: Love Me Harder: 5 Years On
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Today marks 5 years since Ariana's collaboration with The Weekend 'Love Me Harder' was released! It was the third single taken from her sophomore album 'My Everything'. The single pre-dated The Weeknd's commercial break-through and only peaked at #48 in the UK. However, it amassed an impressive 16 weeks in the top 75. The single fared better in the US, where it became another top 10 hit for Ariana. The video is her 7th most viewed right now with over 620 million hits on YouTube.

How has 'Love Me Harder' held up for you 5 years later?

What a song wub.gif forever robbed in the UK! Even though I was a fan from 'The Way' onwards, I'd say that 'Love Me Harder' took my appreciation for Ariana up a notch and quickly became my favourite song by her for a while. It's still my favourite song and video from the 'My Everything' era (although I think the latter is moreso a reflection of how poor the other videos from the campaign were for me) - I love it just as much as I did in 2014, the only thing that's changed is she's bettered it a few times for me now.
Her best single after the No Tears/One Last Time masterpiece duo! Always full on love whenever I hear it and I guess the fact it wasn't a huge single means it'll never seem overplayed or overrated. How it didn't become a smash is beyond me but yeah, small wins I guess.
Hasnít aged a day, she could release this now and it would still SMASH
I can't believe I wasn't in love with this when the album was first released. I was even annoyed it was chosen as a single (maybe because of One Last Time), but boy how dumb was I? Probably the song that's grown on me the most over her career. Simply sensational.
Tawdry Hepburn
Hasn't it gone gold here in the UK despite its #48 peak? And with that, I'd say it's a REALLY well-known song.

I remember at the time this was announced as a single, I was really pissed because I was obsessed with 'One Last Time' and feared that may never get its chance - although we all know that turned out fine in the end.

I think I fell in love with this song when I saw the video. It's a lovely sensual little number.
Definitely one of her best from the first half of her career (to date)! She's bettered it a few times for me since but I love that despite it being pretty much universally known, it's never seemed overplayed as you say, Bal! It was such a moment on tour, I'm really glad that she seems to hold a special place for it wub.gif
Absolutely love this song & video.

I remember it was my first introduction to The Weeknd and I loved how smooth his parts were. Seems like such a random collaboration now though. biggrin.gif
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