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Full Version: Love Thing or Never Give Up On The Good Times?
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Both songs were supposed to be released as single, Love Thing as debut single and again as follow up of Wannabe, and Never Give Up On The Good Times as double a-side of Viva Forever.

Which is the best in your opinion?

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'Love Thing' - hearing it live this year made me warm to it more than ever before wub.gif
Jay ☆
Both are my favourite album tracks from each album, and it would have been great if both had achieved single status! I feel like Love Thing may have needed a bit of a remix to have been a single in 1997. Never Give Up on the Good Times - with a bit of a shorter radio edit, but unaltered production - would have been a fantastic single.

I voted Never Give Up on the Good Times though, that has the edge for me. wub.gif

It was sooo great to see them perform both of these songs on tour. heart.gif
Never Give Up On The Good Times (version 99 without geri)
Oh my... both excellent tracks in their own right and two which would have been excellent singles in my opinion. A shame that neither were, but whatever.

I think Never Give Up On the Good Times, with a single mix, would have been a fantastic adition to their singles and probably been quite a hit straight after Geri left, as it would show unity and positivity with the group!

I particularly LOVE the extended edit that you can hear in the Instrumental version of the song, which they used for the Christmas 99 tour - it's a hell of a ride of a track.

This year specifically, as new music rumours were abundant, I thought that Never Give Up On the Good Times is exactly the type of track we need from them in 2019! A track full of positivity, hope and solidarity whilst also being super fun and disco. A revamped take on this sound would be my ideal music direction from them!

Love Thing is amazing too and the rap bits between Mel and G are excellent too. The whole song is amazing, Victoria and Emma also really shine on it. And I love the 'God help the mister that comes between be and my sisters' line - probably one of their best ever!

I was SO HAPPY that both tracks made a return to the set lists this year and both were excellent parts of the show as a whole! My preferent in 2019 is with Never Give Up On The Good Times, mainly because it still sounds quite current today (as does Love Thing but I just think that Never Give Up has a tiny edge over it).

Wow that was HARD! Thanks for this one!!
Spice Girls Net
Both great album tracks. Always been a fan of ‘Love Thing’ but ‘Never Give Up On The Good Times’ is such a brilliant track I had to vote for it smile.gif
Blond 2.0
Love Thing
Never Give Up On The Good Times
Never Give Up On The Good Times.
Like both songs but 'Never Give Up On The Good Times' is definitely the best out of the 2 & would have loved it to become a single alongside 'Viva Forever', although in a single/radio edit form as the album version was a bit long and with a kick-ass music video to balance things out. They weren't even in the 'VF' video & was plain weird.

Would have preferred this to be on the 'Greatest Hits' album instead of 'Move Over'. Even though 'VF' did great on its own & a double a-side wasn't needed, it would have been miles better in my opinion.

'Love Thing' don't think would have worked as a single & doesn't have that extra edge to hit #1, like all the other 'Spice' era singles.
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