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Full Version: Odd One Out WINS NTA •
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Jesy’s Documentary Odd One Out has been shortlisted for Best Factual Programme at the National Television Awards .

So well deserved imo !

To vote for her click the link below

You can just skip through the rest and just vote for her category if you want to also .
Voted! Got that Drag Race vote in too.
Voted for this.
It would be welcoming to see it win.
I hope the Mixers vote en masse like the Brits Video award. She really deserves the win.
I voted and her show was my favourite in that category so she got one from me. Really struggled with drama performance as couldn't choose between Surranne Jones and Jodie Comer! Ended up doing it twice using different emails so I could vote for each of them lol!
Done. I skipped 3 awards. Live magazine show was one of them as they're all T R A S H! I voted for Ru Paul as Best Judge (despite never seeing the show) just coz the others were associated with Cowell in some way (well not Tom Jones but no thanks at him).

But pllllleeeeeaaaassseee can Jesy win this one wub.gif
The NTA’s are tonight really hope she’s won this !
I'd love it to win.
Really hope this wins. She really deserves it.
She won !!!!! I’m so happy for her so well deserved biggrin.gif
Brilliant, so happy for her!! wub.gif
YASSSS cheer.gif SO well deserved!! She looked so happy, im incredibly proud of her
Very well deserved.
This is brilliant for her.
So unbelievably happy for her!

Her winning speech made me tear up.
It was a heartfelt and emotional speech with a very deserving award.
I saw an article saying she won, so pleased! The documentary was excellent and she was so involved and passionate about it. Not seen her acceptance speech but I did see a still and she seemed so chuffed. She so deserved it.
Absolutely thrilled for her. Such an amazing and powerful documentary. It's anazing just how much this documentary caught wind and spiralled. It was fantastic to see! wub.gif

Thoroughly deserved!
Her speech:

Really pleased for her! I found the documentary really powerful and moving. Loved what she said about something positive coming out of something negative wub.gif
Yeah. Her speech was wonderful! wub.gif

Honestly, one of the most deserved wins I can remember. I saw a vid of Jade's reaction and she was so ecstatic for her heart.gif
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