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Full Version: Spice Girls - Forever
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I love Right Back At Ya, it would be cool if they re-did it with geris vocals
its a perfect comeback single:

i think they wanted to do a song that wasn't on an album though. but ye i agree it fits the occasion well
This is one of their best ballad ever i love the beutiful harmonies
when the girls are singing the chorus its sooooo beautiful.

I love this song too! its sooooooooo beautiful <3333333333333333
its a great song very sweet
I heart.gif that song
I didnt want to start a new thread on Forever so thought i would post here.
Is there any recent interviews from the girls where they discuss Forever and how they feel about the album now.
With the 20th anniversary of the album next year, do you think it is something they will just overlook?
The only recent mention I recall is Emma saying that Let Love Lead The Way (lol) and Oxygen are her favourite album tracks from it.
As Geri had no part in the album, it would be interesting to see her opinion on the album.
At the time, the release was disappointing and i did feel it was like career suicide as it was an album the fans did not want.
Had they kept to their pop roots and had a more successful third album, they may possibly have stayed together longer.
Emma has spoken bits about Forever over the years. I remember her answering a question on Forever and saying that she has a lot of love for the album, that is was special to her.

Recently she did say that she had one of her most memorable studio sessions singing Let Love Lead The Way and that her favourite non-single was Oxygen, or something to that effect. Really wish they would include a bit more love for the album in their combacks. I know it wasnt successful (by their standards) but that album has some great BOPs!

And Right Back At Ya should have been kept as a pop/funk song. The leak a few years ago of the pop version was excellent and much better than the official released version!
Despite the disaster, the girls haven't really turned on the album. In addition to what Mr. X said with Emma, Mel B recently called Tell Me Why her favorite Spice song. Victoria still liked it as of the 2007/08 reunion era. I don't know if Geri's talked about Forever recently...but I do remember back in 2000/2001, she said it was a good album but that it just wasn't promoted enough. She's remained complimentary of Goodbye and Holler over the years.

Anyway. For me, the sourness of the era doesn't have much to do with the album itself. As a fan, it was just hard not to be frustrated with them. They'd been talking up their big plans for album 3 for two and a half years by this point. Then...they just dump it out there with little fanfare...make some bonkers comments about how it'll eventually sell itself...and cap it off with a "we're focusing on our solo careers!" like we hadn't been waiting on this album for ages. Tag to that, Mel C was claiming the fans would like her solo album better...and generally acting like a gun was to her head for what few appearances she did make. The r'n'b sound gets blamed a lot for the album's failure...but honestly...the album could have been the second coming of Spiceworld, and it would have crashed and burned if they'd treated the release the same way.

Anyway. I like the album. Always have. I get the new direction was a bit polarizing. But I'm not sure stuff like the pop version of Right Back At Ya and Pain Proof could co-exist on an album with Tell Me Why. I like all three songs...but it's a muddled direction. Had the group embraced Forever...and the album become another step in the group's continuing musical evolution, I think the world would be a lot more kind to it.
I absolutely adore this album and I think it has aged very well too. Some solid ballads with their best vocals such as Oxygen, Time Goes By and LLLTW. Then the likes of Tell Me Why which was screaming to be a single. Shame they completely over look the majority of it apart from the 3 singles
From reading some of the comments Forever is an album i need to revisit.
Oxygen was the song i liked most but when i originally purchased the album i found it hugely disappointing after the high of Spiceworld which i thought was a wonderful solid album.
I am going to invest some time into Forever and see does my opinion of the album change.
IYWHSF and Oxygen are the best songs on the album for me(apart from the three singles obviously)...I've never liked Tell Me Why...
It's BOP Central! The only songs I skip mostly are Get Down With Me and Time Goes By.
Forever from the spice girls is the kiss me once from kylie. I want to like and enjoy the album and as much as I try they just dont do it for me.
Blond 2.0
I still love this album & my fave tracks are remain the same

If you wanna have some fun
Let love lead the way
Get down with me

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