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Future Utopia: 12 Questions
Reviewed by All★bySmashMouth on 23 Oct 2020
I have 12 questions.

1. Why 12 questions?
2. Why not more than 12?
3. Why is Children Of The Internet so effing cringy?
4. Why is Dave so annoying in the aforementioned track? Get him out of here.
5. Why do I cringe in the mere mention of something modern and digital like the 'Internet' and 'generation'?
6. How come there are only 4 good tracks (Promised Land, What's In A Name?, Mountain Girl, Stranger In The Night)?
7. Why so many stupid speeches about things?
8. Why can't people shut up about the dangers of modern things like they're some stupid experts at the department of Edginess studies?
9. How much does Fraser T. Smith know about things around the world?
10. Why focus on negative things?
11. Are positive things not worth mentioned?
12. Are positive things overly mentioned?

Extra question 13: This album or Nothing But Thieves' Moral Panic?

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Artist: Future Utopia
Label: Future Utopia
Release Date: 22 Oct 2020
Genre: Pop
Type: Album

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