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Ed Accura: Bear a Witness
Reviewed by Urbanfairy on 3 Mar 2017
New single ‘Bear a Witness’, from Ed Accura, is one of those rare things: a song with a ‘message’ that doesn’t bludgeon the listener to death with a guilt trip. Written about a conversation with a homeless man who was down on his luck, the song doesn’t ask us to change the world and SAVE THE HOMELESS! Instead, it simply reminds us not to let them be anonymous as we pass them on the street.

More important than the message itself is the delivery, and in this respect Ed Accura has it spot on. The tempo will get the head nodding, while the simple chorus will stick in the mind long after the song is done. Excellent work from the London based hip hopper.

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Artist: Ed Accura
Label: Independent
Release Date: 2 Feb 2017
Genre: R&B
Type: Single

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