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Neon Jungle: Braveheart
Reviewed by Liаm on 11 Jan 2014
Shereen, Amira, Jessica and Asami - better known as Neon Jungle - have already caused a storm online, with their debut single Trouble receiving rave reviews and earning them a #1 hit. But with the conscious struggle for any small form of longevity for many British girl groups, have they done enough to succeed this time?

The track's confident verses have plenty of attitude, to be expected from a group of girls 'on that 3am bizarre', but it's the euphoric bridge that hits hard. Slowly but surely, it hypes a drop that invites anyone and everyone to just go absolutely crazy, which is welcomed in by a Japanese string of phrases that roughly translate to 'one two three return'. The instrumental chorus is the crowning glory of the song, hypnotising its listener into having intense urges to completely lose it to the thumps and wubs no matter where they are or what they're doing.

Braveheart is gutsy dose of spunky pop noise; a rollicking pop rollercoaster. And if a track this colossal, brimming with assured confidence, isn't enough to cause serious trouble for their chart rivals, it'll surely be time for Neon Jungle to join the likes of Parade, Girls Can't Catch and SoundGirl... But I certainly wouldn't worry about that.


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Artist: Neon Jungle
Label: RCA
Release Date: 19 Jan 2014
Genre: Pop
Type: Single

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