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Belle Roscoe: Gun to my Head
Reviewed by Urbanfairy on 2 Apr 2015
‘Gun to My Head’ is the new single by Belle Roscoe and is a humble display of the sibling’s talent. They've mixed their old school songwriter influences with a modern day production to create a fantastic sounding record.

The first thing that stuck out to me is their amazing vocal harmonies, they work so well together and you can hear the close sibling bond with how effortless their voices fit together. They both have that smooth, filled with emotion singing style that is iconic of the classic rock/songwriter style and is so heartfelt that it hits you deep inside. They also take different verses and swap up lead lines, creating variation throughout the song and allow them to be more adventurous with the vocal melodies and taking full advantage of their different vocal tones.

Everything in this song is constructed perfectly to fit their style; they've created a big sound that could fill any venue they play. You can hear how the song started with just a guitar and the two of them, but it has evolved into something so much more with the roaring guitar leads, the strong bass roots, and how the drums can go from expressing delicate details in the verse to expressing the hugeness of the final chorus. The climax of the song has a real Springsteen feel to it; it’s big and dramatic, as if everything had been leading to that point and there was nowhere else it could go. The song leaves you wanting more and is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

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Artist: Belle Roscoe
Label: Independent
Release Date: 19 Apr 2015
Genre: Indie
Type: Single

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