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Shannon K: Just Another Boy
Reviewed by Urbanfairy on 26 Mar 2015
The new single from Shannon K -“Just another Boy”. Who has rained down 3 singles in the past year! This song is the best single yet as you can feel she has just started to find her style. “Just Another Boy” is a straight forward single. But has really good rhythm to it and powerful lyrics. The lyrics are about the young generation and how they don’t care about breaking someone’s heart but there’s always someone there to break theirs! The single gives the younger generation a voice and gives a good meaning of what goes around comes around. The Production is great and really compliments her rhythm and timing like a metronome. If you haven’t checked Shannon K out yet I would, because her future as a pop star is looking bright as she will eventually join the other stars in the genre.

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Artist: Shannon K
Label: Galaxy Of Stars Limited
Release Date: 6 Feb 2015
Genre: Pop
Type: Single

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