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Noah: Keep On Movin'
Reviewed by Urbanfairy on 21 Nov 2013
Back and ready for more success is NYC based artist, and owner of Icon Worldwide Music, Noah. His new single ‘Keep On Movin’’ has a clear motive; get people dancing. It certainly achieves this with its thudding drumbeat and quiet/loud song structure. The track is also an enjoyable slice of the New York dance scene. That’s the good news; however I did have some issues with the track. The song seemed to lack a bit of imagination. The song structure is a little basic and generic: a minimalist verse is followed by a soaring chorus. Whilst this does make the song easy to dance to, it also does little to make the song stand out. This same flaw can be found in the overall sound of the track. The chorus is rather derivative, sounding like countless other dance acts both past and present. Overall, Noah can be happy with ‘Keep On Movin’’ as it does work well in a club setting. I just hope that in the future he won’t play it so safe and is able to better differentiate himself in a crowded genre.

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Artist: Noah
Label: Icon Worldwide Music
Release Date: 16 Dec 2013
Genre: Dance
Type: Single

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