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Nothing But Thieves: Moral Panic
Reviewed by All★bySmashMouth on 23 Oct 2020
Nothing But Thieves are back with the third album... and it is just like their last album with dumb sounding lyrics that lament the "current state of affairs". I kind of wish they didn't go too far into "societal issues" or "political issues" to make powerful songs. And if you are doing that, do it humbly or subtly that it becomes ambiguous. I mean, Biffy Clyro can be inspired by ****** and make a great song that is supposed to be about certain leaders but evolved into something that sounds universal and just be about their friends. The new album makes me wish they should've stuck with the first album's lyric concepts (though the first album is half boring, 'Itch' and 'Trip Switch' are bopping tracks though)...

From 'Unperson': "I'm just another clone of a clone of a clone". Is their singer really that far gone in the head or is it supposed to be about a character in a boring and pointless dystopian setting? I don't wanna say something controversial but some of the band members in the past had been caught in a mischief that defies (or maybe informs) their dumb edgy personal lyrics.

'Is Everybody Going Crazy?' is great... only musically. "Hopelessly fading", well, maybe give yourself hope then if you're fading. And yes, I am going crazy because of this song. I was calm before it.

Or what about 'Moral Panic'? Are that supposed to sound smart that they know things are "bad"? Do they really know people personally?

Or maybe 'Phobia' and their Internet anxieties? Maybe they know they're getting caught in certain things that got reported online.

'This Feels Like The End' is just another annoying apocalyptic contemplation. How many songs must I have heard talk about the 'end of the world' arriving soon because of a bunch of 'violent but isolated incidents' or because people spent more on technological devices?

'Impossible' could do without swearing... that's all I can say.

'Can You Afford To Be An Individual?'... can I afford to spend another 4 minutes without cringing at some of the lyrics and concept? It kind of sucks to be told who to be, to be fair, but this is not the best example of defying expectations on public image.

All the other songs I don't mention... they're tolerable. Nothing much to criticise.

I have major issues with the lyrics alone... the music is the best I've heard from them so far. The variety of styles are cool. Nothing But Thieves' lyrics sounds serious and thought-provoking at times but at the same time are a complete joke that makes me think they enjoy writing dark and edgy music for the sake of it without urgency or whatever.

I think NBT should be categorised as a comedy band... that happens to be unfunny. I'm concerned the band would suddenly fall from grace if their singer happened to be guilty of doing half that convicted singer from l*stpr*ph*ts. I mean this album already tells me the singer lives in his own chaotic world void of more objective reality.

If I have to rate this out 5 stars, the album gets a 2 at best.

...This review is a joke.

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Artist: Nothing But Thieves
Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK
Release Date: 22 Oct 2020
Genre: Indie
Type: Album

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