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Spencer Robinson: Standing at the End of the World
Reviewed by Urbanfairy on 3 Mar 2017
At the best of times, alternative folk is something of an acquired taste. Seeing that the whole point of the genre is to shy away from packaged commercialism, any artist who goes further down that alternative path is one who should be celebrated.

Spencer Robinson is just such an artist, and his new EP ‘Standing at the End of the World’ is out now.

Consisting of five songs of consistent quality, this is an EP which is well-produced without being a clean cut product of the 21st century. Drawing instead from the traditions of the genre, Robinson uses his rasping voice to tell old fashioned stories. It’s a long way from the chart music we hear on the radio every day, and all the better for it.

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Artist: Spencer Robinson
Label: Independent
Release Date: 31 Jan 2017
Genre: Other
Type: Album

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