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The Living Tombstone: zero_one
Reviewed by All★bySmashMouth on 3 Oct 2020

The Living Tombstone is a music project by Yoav Landau (and vocalist Sam Haft for this album). This is my "review" of the album 'zero_one'. (Seriously though, it's just some thoughts and this is not worth making a forum thread)

1. What I Want
Something about hustling, big dreams and ambitions. Not exactly super awesome but at least it doesn't have any swearing. I say that because...

2. Drunk
A song about drinking various brands and types of alcohol. All I can say is... wut.

3. Can't Wait
Nothing to say here. It's like another song about everyday life. I swear he sounds like he's singing/rapping the same thing as 'What I Want' and the next one...

4. Lazy
A bit cringeworthy but somewhat relatable (for some) song about his procrastination.

5. Sunburn
It's quite an anthem. The build-up is fantastic and the main part is banging. Tolerable lyrics and vocals too.

6. Long Time Friends
Upbeat but not memorable. Something about moving on from someone and to new things confidently.

7. Zero One
I don't like the rapping... Might be the lyrics or his tone... And it's too long.

8. Animal
Fun song about revealing one's monstrous self. The expansion of lyrics in each chorus/hook is cool.

9. Fly Home
Nice chill-ish track.

10. Chosen
A decently composed emotional track to close this hit-and-miss of an album.

Overall, on the back of listening to The Living Tombstone's Five Nights At Freddy's-inspired tracks a lot of times years ago, I still get the enjoyment of hearing the mix of electric guitars, electronic-ish composition and futuristic feel. The only difference is that most of the drums sound more live/acoustic (less electronic) and the lyrics are somewhat sounding dreadful half of the time, or maybe the vocals is just not engaging or likeable.

Best tracks:
1. Sunburn
2. Animal
3. Fly Home

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Artist: The Living Tombstone
Label: Ghost Pixel Records
Release Date: 3 Sep 2020
Genre: Dance
Type: Album

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