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Despacito returns to number one
Despacito climbs back to the top of the singles chart. The albums chart also sees s return to number one as Ed Sheeran benefits from the Glastonbury effect.

This week's commentary is by popchartfreak

So, itís a 7th week on top as Despacito knocks off worthy charity record Bridge Over Troubled Water after only one week, now at 3. Once upon a chart time it was quite common for records to have one week on top Ė and in fact on sales only it would have made it 2 weeks Ė and it was very rare for records to manage to cling on for 7 weeks, much less return to the top. These days itís tíother way around. Cross fingers next weekís new chart rules will usher in a new exciting chart era of wonderful new music shoving the same ol same ol cling-onís out, instead of ponging up the top 40 for months on end. Iím sure it will make a huge difference (WARNING: Chart commentary may contain sarcasm, please avoid if allergic!).

I do actually own the catchy Despacito, and also the original Bridge Over Troubled Water which is both a track and album of epicness. Back in the day, in terms of album runs it went on for years and returned to the top of the charts on many occasions, quite the Ed Sheeran of the day - had Paul Simon brought in professional co-songwriters, and he and Art Garfunkel had had more limited vocal abilities, and had they bunged together an album of filler tracks around one great single and a couple of decent ones. Iím sure opinion is ďDivideĒd on that, though, as Eddie is back on top for the 12th week following his Glastoboost. I like him though, and heís good for the British music business.

Back in the Official Singles Chart there is minimal movement, as DJ Khaled helps Rihanna keep up her 21st record-breaking run of hits at 2, as she makes runner-up for an amazing 10th time including collaborations. That puts her 4 equal with Cliff Richard and trailing only Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Elvis Presley. I suspect Khaled is a Doctor Who fan and his name is an intentional anagram of ďdalekĒ. Almost. He also sneaks in at 75 with a third track as his Bieber collab climbs inside the top 10 again and his new album enters the album chart at 10. He's Grateful apparently, though word is it's overlong. Opinion is divided on exactly how many tracks it's overlong...

Iím going to skip commenting on any track that just meanders though, bar the fab Crying In The Club, one of the best Sia songs she gave away Ė one she wrote in the bathroom apparently, so prolific is she even a toilet break is out of the question Ė which is good news for Camila. I didnít even know Sia had written it, it was just SO obviously a Sia track in style I had to google it. Up to 18, hopefully higher spots to come. Rita Ora meanwhile takes an Elton John song into the top 10 again. Just kidding...!

Sigala & Ella Eyre grab a top 20 hit at 19, deservedly they Came Here For Lover and found it. Sigala is always jolly. The Signs are that Drake is back with another top 40 hit at 22 Ė for once Iím content he hang about with the lovely Passionfruit, but itís not to be so. Time will tell if this one grows on me as much as his fanbase. Storming up the charts (well, drizzling up at any rate) Thunder bolts into the 30 at 26. I almost always like Imagine Dragons tracks, the flops as much as the hits. In a Copyright Suedey-ish link, Thunder was also a hit for Prince, and his classic Purple Rain returns to the top 10 of the album chart. I have no idea why. Iím sure someone else does (help!) but I will merely opine that if you don't know, you must dig it out, one of the greatest albums of all-time.

Another charity track enters at 28 for female duo Liv'n'G and their Smile For Bradley worthy effort to raise money for a cancer-suffering little boy, Bradley Lowery. It's 4 on sales only so is doing better than it seems in it's aims. Lower down the chart, and one I hope climbs next week even higher (cos it's taken 6 months already to peak!) is Childish Gambino's sublime Redbone at 56.

Talking of re-entries, Radioheadís classic and critically-acclaimed OK Computer is back at 2 with a Glasto-boost reminding their legion of fans how manic and catchy they are, one banginí toon after another! Oh no, Iím getting them mixed up with Motorhead! Iím a creep. Iím a wierdo. Iím a popchartfreak. What the hell am I doing here? Imagine Dragons pop up with the highest actual new album entry at 3, Evolve, giving a 2-1-3 album chart career, though debut Night Visions is the biggest seller on around 400k in the UK and 7 million worldwide, largely due to the masterpiece that is Radioactive.

In at 9, it's Timeless (I agree) one of the most long-lasting and sometimes-reviled major music talents of all-time, The Bee Gees, also following Barry Gibbís glasto-boost. The boys were always a bit marmite on the critical front, and Iím very much in the ďall-time greatĒ camp. This latest cherry-picked selection of classics from mostly the Polydor years, is not the most-definitive collection, but it will do for more recent or casual fans impulse-buying. It also gives them 6 weeks shy of 50 years of album hits, albeit with the 10th Hits compilation to chart for Barry and his late brothers Maurice and Robin, and their highest-placed for 13 years. In their up and down career, some of their great studio albums bizarrely failed to chart, for example Main Course in 1975, home of Jive Talking, while a Live album of some of their unreleased hit songs and big hits was a big hit. Joe Bonamassa, a popular live draw, enters at 30 for his incredible 17th chart album in 10 years, 8 of them live albums. That level of productivity shows commitment! And a loyal souvenir-buying concert performance desiring fanbase.

Elsewhere, Glasto boosts for Foo Fighters storming performance, Greatest Hits up to 6, almost equalling it's peak of 4, Ed Sheeran's older albums, The Killers hits, Radiohead, and a final new entry for Vince Staples at 58. Big Fish Theory sounds like a Big Bang episode title, but he's an LA Rapper. I wish I could have welcomed Mavis Staples (not related) to the singles chart (with Gorillaz) to provide a neat Suedey-link. I couldn't even find a fishy pun, though. Over to you, readers....
Published on: 2017-06-30 by Suedehead2 || 17427 Views
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