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George Ezra stays at number one
George Ezra holds on at the top of the singles chart. Ariana Grande ends the soundtrack stranglehold at the top of the albums chart.

Guest host Popchartfreak standing in for Suedey who is busy waiting for more important stuff, normal service to resume soon...

George Ezra boldly did a public service hanging around and returning to the top spot last week, and Shotgun does the same again this week despite Drake buzzing round his face like an annoying fly that just doesnít know when to buzz off and bother someone else. That means 4 weeks in total on top and 6 weeks at 2, thatís out-Draking Drake. A grateful nation applauds. Eastside is up to 3, a new peak. Westside was the original name for Westlife. If only they had called it Westside I could have had a genuine link to them, West End Girls and East 17.

The highest new entry is at 4 for Calvin Harris & Sam Smith, though it has the moral Number One on sales (now only 5% of all ďsalesĒ are download or physical) - Promises is well up to the usual Calvin Harris quality and Iíd hoped it would enter at one for his 9th chart-topper, but streaming is a bit of a slow-moving leviathan. More remarkably itís one of Sam Smithís best recordís in some time, one time in the La La La days I had high hopes he would be an exciting huge new star. I got half my wish as he opted for Self Pity as his preferred style and raked it in with 6 number ones and massive albums. Rumour has it a new Mister Man is being created just for him: Mr. Wallow-In-It. His vocals really suit dance music as he gives it an emotional edge, as opposed to pushing it over the edge in ballads.

Loud Luxury reach a new peak of 5 with Brando, who was much better in The Godfather. There were lots of bodies in that movie, so Iím presuming this dancefloor ditty is a tribute to that.

Ariana Grande is knocking Ďem out at a furious pace lately, and she duly enters on top of the album chart, and also inside the top at 9 with the rather good Breathin - excuse me while I pop it into my itunes basket. That feels better. She also enters at 22 with her Sweetener for the album. Talk about being literal. I have a lot of affection for Ariana, and this is a decent sweetener, and Breathiní is clearly an obvious future single and her 3rd top 10 off the new album. I donít have any data at hand, but I expect sheís been ďstarred-outĒ of the charts below 22 being as God Is A Woman is back up at 6, and her bonus Nicki Minaj guest vocal occupy slots in the chart, notably Lucid Dreams is absent.

Just outside the top 10, Cheat Codes & Little Mix frustratingly reach a new peak of 13 without breaking through the bed-blockers refusing to go home in the top 10, and Jax Jones & Mabel (with Rich The Kid) have to suffer an even closer 12.

7 UK number one singles to her name, and Jess Glynne is back with that winning sound. All Am sounds exactly like the others, the words have been moved about a bit, and the notes played in a slightly different order, but why change a successful formula eh? (Answers on a postcard, reference O.Rig.inality)

David Guetta is the same age as your guest commenter, true fact. 16 years of chart hits, banginí tunes and a mighty back catalogue makes me want to love the new peak of 23 for Donít Make Me Wait, not less due to Anne- Marie featuring on a handful of decent recent toons. Even Radio 2 keep playing it. Sadly. Itís no Titanium, or Rockabye. Itís not even a Flames or 2002.

The 1975 are back, TOOTI ME TOOTI ME TOOTI ME they demand. I may have made an error of spacing there. Itís their 8th top 40 hit, but they clearly need to made to resit their English GCSE, and also a slap on the wrist at the same time for abusive autotune misdemeanors, something young people insist on doing despite the health risks to innocent passer-bys. Talking of autotune crimes, B Young reaches a new peak of 25 with 079Me. If I were the lady he is talking of, I wouldnít 079 him with his semi-threatening sexism, his inability to ďsingrapĒ without a computer, and his rampant Kygo cloning, but most importantly his lack of a decent haircut.

In at 31 and an actual proper new entry not a climber, itís Bastille going all Marshmello, clearly a couple of softies. Bastille of late have been doing better in combination with other acts, notably Craig David, and I couldnít be Happier. Well, I could be happier if it was as great as I Know You, but itís still not bad. Marshmello are a bit hit and miss in chart fortunes, but the lesson is clear: donít work with James Arthur. You know it makes sense!

Finally, new at 36, itís a chart debut for Dynoro & Gigi DíAgostino with the rather dark and fab dance track In My Mind, one I have helped into the top 40 this week buying on itunes - no need to thank me, just improving the singles chart is reward in itself! Sadly I canít say that for the fab Panic! At The Disco, still stuck peaking at 34 when it clearly deserves top the chart for 4 weeks.

Ariana Grande tops the album chart

Bang in on top itís not a movie musical soundtrack, shockingly, itís an actual current pop star with an actual pop album - Ariana Grande getting her second chart-topper following on from 2016ís Dangerous Woman. Sweetener makes me come over all nostalgic for the olden days when pop stars made pop albums and got to number one! Yes, Mamma Mia- Here We Go Again and The Greatest Showman are hovering at 2 and 3, biding their time again, and it canít be long before we get the likes of Spongebob Squarepants - The Musical dominating the charts, but for now we have a fab current pop star on top, joining Kylie Minogue as the only female solo acts to top the chart so far in 2018. There were 5 in 2017.

George Ezra holds at 4, and Drake at 5, before we get to the next new entries, headed at 6 from Bugzy Malone. Once upon a time an Alan Parker gangster musical featuring child actors such as Jodie Foster, so I guess it fits in with the musical theme of 2018. (Checks wikipedia). Oh hang on this one is the British Grime Star. My mistake, oops B. Inspired!. Gabrielle's first album in 11 years is at 7, Under My Skin is also her highest charting since Rise topped the chart in 1999. Good to have her back 25 years into her chart career.

Slaves are also back with some punk attitude, and have a rather pleasing 8-8-8 peak for their 3 albums, Acts Of Fear And Love copying the prior 2. That's consistent!

The late great Aretha Franklin is new at 16 with her 30 Greatest Hits, while Soul Queen climbs to 15, and A Brand New Me returns lower down. I was hoping to see I Say A Little Prayer make the singles chart, but it's not to be, 51 is the peak position, though it does give the Queen Of Soul a first chart presence in years, and a 50th anniversary return for a classic track that I loved and played to death as a 10-year-old when my dad bought an album with it on. Respect is at 62, and Natural Woman just outside the 75.

Stefflon Don gets a first chart entry with Secure, perhaps lower than one might expect for an up-and-coming in-demand new act at 35, and Ten Millennia enter a spot lower, a Yorkshire groove n funk band who are supporting Jools Holland at the Royal Albert Hall shortly. Who knew?! Billy Fury returns to the chart for the first time since his 2008 top compilation His Wondrous Story, and like Aretha a 60's child fave. I was a 4 or 5-year-old and he was one of my fave pop stars "Billy Floory" as I used to call him. In at 53, nostalgically for me, while Neil Diamond gets Hot August Night III into the charts at 54 some 46 years after Hot August Night peaked at 21, his big live album of the time, and the lesser 1987 follow-up which peaked at 74. Neil likes doing summer outdoor gigs in August. He did one in Southampton not too long ago, though I doubt it's that one featured...

Finally Oh Sees and Mitski enter at 66 and 64 respectively. Yes, them. Mitski is a Japanese-American indie-rock artist, so I like her already, while The Oh Sees used to be OCS and Thee Oh Sees and have never troubled the charts in 21 years of trying, though they come from San Franciso and do garage rock, so I also like the sound of them. I'm guessing sales weren't high this week to get into the chart.
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