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Ariana Grande stays at number one.
Ariana Grande gets a third week at number one with 7 Rings. There is a close battle at the top of the albums chart with three new releases challenging for number one.

Ariana Grande spends a third week at the top of the singles chart. Three new albums - from Ian Brown, Busted and The Specials - compete to prevent The Greatest Showman getting yet another week at number one in the albums chart.

Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings spend a third week at number one in the singles chart. Its lead over its rivals is not as large as it has been for the last two weeks but it remains substantial. Grande heads a static top four with Ava Max remaining in the runner-up spot with Sweet But Psycho ahead of Sam Smith & Romani’s Dancing With A Stranger at number three and Calvin Harris & Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s Giant at four. Mabel’s Don’t Call Me Up moves into the top five at number five.

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish had her first top forty single at the end of last year with When The Party’s Over. That song reached number 21 at the end of November after a steady climb up the chart. Her new single, Bury A Friend, has made a more immediate impact, jumping straight in at number seven. It is the only newcomer to this week’s top ten with no songs climbing in to the upper tier.

Dave and Fredo combined last year on Funky Friday, one of the wort number ones of 2018. The roles have been reversed on their latest single with Fredo taking the lead on All I Ever Wanted. Thankfully, they have resisted the temptation to record something worse than Funky Friday although that doesn’t mean that All I Ever Wanted is any good. It is a new entry at number fifteen. The fortunes of his two previous top forty hits could not be more different. Rockstar (on which he was featured artist alongside Post Malone) reached number one; Bartier Cardi (with Cardi B) peaked at number 40.

Another week, another new entry for somebody currently in jail. However, the case of 21 Savage is a little different from most. He is currently incarcerated not for violent crime but because of doubts about his immigration status. He was born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph but moved to the USA when he was twelve. The immigration authorities argue that he arrived on a temporary visa valid for only a year, thus making him an illegal immigrant. In the meantime, he has a new entry at number 36 with A Lot.

Lauv and Troye Sivan enter at number 39 with I’m So Tired. Lauv, born Ari Leff in San Francisco, makes his UK top forty debut. South African Sivan gets his fourth top forty hit. So far only one, 1999, has broken in to the top 38.

Marshmello and Bastille re-enter at number 29 with Happier. Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved continues to make progress, climbing one place to number nine. This week he release a video of the song featuring his distant relative Peter Capaldi. His previous single, Grace, re-enters at number 40.

Album sales in January are traditionally poor. As a result, few major albums are released in the first few weeks of the year which only serves to reduce total album sales even further. The year has seen an additional factor, the financial woes at HMV, the UK’s largest High Street music retailer. Record labels have been unwilling to supply HMV with stock for as long as there was a risk that they would not get paid. This week came the welcome news that the company has been taken over and that most branches would remain open.

That news came too late for this week’s major releases. Anyone wanting to buy a physical copy has had to go elsewhere, assuming they knew the albums existed in the first place. With supermarkets now selling a very limited range of titles, HMV has been one of the few places for many people to go to find out what new albums are available.

The three new albums expected to be in contention for the top spot were from Busted, The Specials and Ian Brown. Busted led the way in the first update of the week but were later overtaken by The Specials. On Wednesday the Official Charts Company reported that The Specials had sold the most physical copies with Busted leading on downloads. Fredo’s debut album had received the most streams but not enough for it to have a chance of getting to number one in the overall chart. Of course, there was also the little matter of The Greatest Showman to be borne in mind. Despite being at number four in Wednesday’s update, it was only two thousand combined sales behind The Specials.

Just to add a further element to the contest, The Specials and Busted, for all their success, had never had a number one album. Both bands responded to the early updates by arranging more signing sessions and other publicity to try to get their first chart-topping album.

One of the most-quoted show-business cliches is that you should always quit with the audience wanting more. It might be said that The Specials too that to an extreme. They were formed in the wake of the Rock Against Racism movement of the late 1970s as one of several bands who made a virtue of their multi-racial line-up. As with many of their contemporaries they were openly political, particularly as Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government became increasingly powerful. They reached the peak of their success with their single Ghost Town which topped the chart at a time when many UK cities saw rioters protesting against government policies.

Unfortunately, that number one single came at a time when the band was beset by rows and on the verge of splitting up. It has been widely reported that various members were barely on speaking terms when they performed the song on Top Of The Pops. Part of the band continued under the name The Special AKA while others formed Fun Boy Three. They have got back together a few times since then but their albums have generally been met with a distinct lack of interest. That has changed with their latest release, Encore. The fact that it has been coupled with a live album may, of course, have helped.

While The Specials tried to change the world in the 1980s, Busted concentrated more on making pop music in their heyday of the early years of this century. They had four number one (and eight top three) singles but, like The Specials. Never managed to top the albums chart. Their comeback has been a gradual affair. It started with two of the three members joining forces with McFly to form McBusted before developing into a full-scale reunion as Busted once again. Their first comeback album, Night Driver (2016), peaked at number thirteen but their new release, Half Way There, has easily outperformed it.

The narrow gap in Wednesday’s update led many to believe that The Greatest Showman would finish the week at the top of the pile once again. However, the efforts of The Specials, Busted and their record companies paid off as both albums managed to keep the soundtrack album off the summit. The Specials are able to celebrate their first number one album while Busted have to settle for a third number two album in five releases. The Greatest Showman finishes at number three.

The third new album in contention at the top of the chart was Ian Brown’s seventh solo album Ripples. He too has never had a number one album; even the classic debut album by his band The Stone Roses never made it to the top. Unlike Busted and The Specials, he never looked likely to break that duck with this album. Ripples enters at number four. All but one of his solo albums have reached the top ten.

As mentioned above, Fredo’s solo album was the most popular new release on streaming sites. However, people were rather less keen to part with actual money to buy an actual copy of the album. Therefore, Third Avenue enters at number five.

After many years as Claire From Steps, Claire Richards has decided to use her real surname for the release of her first solo album. She has released a number of solo singles, all of which have failed to chart. Her album, My Wildest Dreams, does rather better; it is a new entry at number nine.

After a week at the top, Bring Me The Horizon’s Amo falls to number ten.

When White Lies went to number one with their debut album there was some hope that they would be able to carry the flag for new British rock bands in the charts. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and their subsequent albums have performed rather modestly. Their fifth album, Five, continues that trend. Despite being a pretty decent album, it only enters at number fourteen.

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, alleged to be the subject of Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph, entrs at number 21 with her second album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change. Within Temptation, described as a Dutch symphonic metal band, score their fourth top forty album in the UK with Resist at number fifteen.

In the week that saw the sixtieth anniversary of his tragic death, Buddy Holly’s True Love Ways collection (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) re-enters at number 40.
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Iloved Ariana Grande.. More songs and albums to come...
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I like video games but as far as I have a lot of work I have to spend time in an office. That's why only games I can play are flash games. And I really enjoy . There is a variety of different games that's why you don't get bored with them.

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