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Lil Nas X holds on at number one
Lil Nas X gets a second week at the top of the singles chart. Billie Eilish climbs back to number one in the albums chart.

Lil Nas X holds on at the top of the singles chart, Billie Eilish climbs back to number one in the albums chart.

Having climbed to the top of the singles chart last week Lil Nas X gets a second week at number one with Old Town Road. Piece Of Your Heart, by Meduza featuring Goodboys, climbs two places to number two. The previous number one, Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved slips one place to number three in its thirteenth week in the top ten. Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy is down one place to number four and Tom Walker’s Just You And I is a non-mover at number five. Avicii and Aloe Blacc climb into the top ten at number six with SOS.

When an artist’s first hit is awful, there is always a fear that subsequent releases will be even worse. After all, it might be expected that a record company would want to select one of the singer’s best songs as their debut single. With that in mind, there was always a certain element of dread in hearing anything new from Jonas Blue after his butchering of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. Thankfully, he has yet to sink that low again. His latest single, That’s What I Like About You, is a new entry at number 23. Vocals are provided by Theresa Rex who makes her chart debut this week. It remains to be seen whether she can match the success of Tyrannosaurus Rex who later became known simply as T Rex.

In the last few months campaigners have been working to ensure that the issue of climate change is firmly on the political agenda. Swedish schoolgirl has inspired her contemporaries across the world to call on governments to act urgently. On her visit to London this week she was, all too predictably, the subject of abuse from certain commentators. Among the criticisms levelled at her was that - prepare to recoil in horror - her mother once took part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Almost inevitably, musicians have taken the opportunity to record a song to support the campaign. Earth, the song in question, may not have the most sophisticated lyrics ever - “We love the Earth, it is our planet. We love the Earth, it is our home”, anyone? - but, if it leads to more people caring about the issue, it will have served its purpose.

The song also helps to address another serious issue - the sudden fall in the number of Lils in the chart Last year the charts seemed to be full of them. This year they have been rather less prominent although, of course, they have claimed the number one spot for the last two weeks. This week the comeback really gains momentum. Earth is credited to Lil Dicky and the (uncredited) cast includes fellow Lils Yachty and Jon as well as bigger names such as Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.

One non-musical contributor to Earth is long-time environmental campaigner Leonardo di Caprio. Although also uncredited, he might be said to have entered the chart in his own right after his films have seen All Saints’ best song and a screechfest from Celine Dion reach number one. Earth is a new entry at number 24 this week. If it displaces Lil Nas X at the top, it will probably be the first time a daughter has replaced her father at the top of the chart although, in this case, both Cyruses are uncredited on their respective releases.

It is always tempting to form an impression of what a song will be like simply by looking at the title and the name of the artist, but it is a temptation that should be resisted. That is not to say that the conclusion drawn will always be wrong. That brings us to No Diet by Digga D which is every bit as dreadful as one might expect. Nevertheless, it is a new entry at number 27 for the man born Rhys Herbert. He is this week’s former jailbird representative.

A quick glance at the chart might suggest that Rita Ora has provided a theme song for a new addition to one of the oldest film franchises, Carry On Kygo. Closer inspection reveals that the song is called Carry On and is by Kygo and Rita Ora. It sneaks into the top forty at number 39.

After being deposed last week, Billie Eilish returns to the top of the albums chart with her debut set, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? It is the first non-soundtrack album to return to the summit since Ed Sheeran’s ÷ did so for the sixth time at the end of 2017.

The Greatest Showman soundtrack, which has returned to the top of the chart several times, climbs back up to number two.

Benjamin Coyle-Larner, known Spoonerismistically (I may have made that word up) as Loyle Carner, enters at number three with his second album, Not Waving But Drowning. His debut, Yesterday’s Gone, missed out on a top ten place but he had the consolation of a Mercury Prize nomination.

The top five is completed by two albums that have been around for a while, although not quite as long as The Greatest Showman. George Ezra’s Staying At Tamara’s is back up to number four while the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack is at number five.

When The Rolling Stones topped the chart with their eponymous debut album in 1964, they brought to an end a 51-week run by The Beatles with their first two albums. In doing so, they became only the 14th act to get a number one album since the chart was launched in 1956. All the other chart-topping albums had been film and stage show soundtracks. The Beatles and The Stones (to quote a song title) dominated the top of the chart until Bob Dylan became the 15th artist to get a number one album in 1965.

The Beatles, of course, split up long ago., successfully leaving the scene with the fans wanting more, but Dylan and the Stones have continued recording and touring for well over five decades. Some of that material has been good. Some of it has not been quite so good. They have also both released their fair share of compilations. The Stones have now released their 26th, seven years after the last one. The latest compilation, Honk, contains some of their best-known songs such as Start Me Up, Brown Sugar and Rocks Off as well as album tracks, some of them from their more recent albums. It enters at number eight, giving them a 39th top ten (and 50th top forty) album.

This week’s charts feature several of the names on the BBC’s Sound Of 2018 list with Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi and Tom Walker all near the top of the singles and/or albums chart. This week they are joined by another, Jade Bird. She finally makes her UK chart debut with her eponymous album at number ten.

One of the main criticisms of Westlife for much of their career was that they recorded a string of cover versions and made a load of different songs all sound the same. Back in the 1970s, the same could have been said of Showaddywaddy. Most of their hits were cover versions of old rock ‘n’ roll songs, but it wasn’t always easy to tell their versions apart. The same could be said of their original songs. Still, their outfits were distinctive.

Showaddywaddy last appeared in the top forty albums chart in late 1981 with a Very Best Of collection. Two further compilation albums, in 1987 and 2004, reached the top 100 but fell well short of the top forty. Now they have released yet another compilation, their sixth. Gold is a new entry at number fifteen, their highest position in the albums chart since Crepes And Drapes reached number eight in 1979.

Last week Beyonce unexpectedly released a live album. It came out part way through the chart week and didn’t sell enough (or get streamed enough) to trouble the top forty. Even after a full week, it can only get to number 25. It has always been the case that live albums tend not to do very well (with a few exceptions). On top of that, I have always assumed that a large part of Beyonce’s live performance is the show itself. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I suspect the live vocals are not terribly different from the studio versions. If so, that would explain why her legions of fans haven’t seen the point in buying or streaming an album that is little more than a Best Of album with some applause. Curiously, the new release has done more for sales of her 2016 album Lemonade. That returns to the chart at number eleven.

The history of the band Fat White Men might be described as complicated. They formed in 2011, but the list of former members is already seven-strong, matching the current seven members. Various members have indulged in side projects which have involved luminaries such as Philip Oakey, Sean Lennon and his mother Yoko Ono Lennon. Their links to those names have, however, failed to result in much success for the band. This week that changes at least a little as their third album, Serfs Up, lands at number seventeen.

In recent years it has become common for vocalists to have their first hit as a featured artist. Sam Smith and Emeli Sande both started their chart career that way. Back in the 1980s, this was a less frequent occurrence. At no time has it been common for bands to make their name in that way.

A brief history of The Specials featured in my commentary when they had their first number one album recently. When the Specials split up, three of their members formed Fun Boy Three, After their first hit, The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum), they teamed up with a new girl band, Bananarama for the follow-up, It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It was a top five hit in 1982. Two months later, the roles were reversed with Really Saying Something being credited to Bananarama and Fun Boy Three. Those two singles remain the Nana’s best work.

Siobhan Fahey (whose existence informed many British people how to pronounce Siobhan) left the band in 1989 to form Shakespear’s Sister who had a huge number one hit with Stay. The band continued to enjoy chart success without her for another four years. Subsequent material has been rather less successful.

Last Friday Bananarama released In Stereo, their eleventh studio album and the first for ten years. The opening track, Love In Stereo, was originally recorded by the original members of Sugababes, a band who could tell Bananarama a thing or two about changing line-ups. It is a new entry at number 29.

Two compilations re-enter the top forty. Bob Marley’s Legend is back at number 32 and Elton John’s Diamonds is at 35.
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