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Another week at the top for Senorita
Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello get another week at number one in the singles chart, but Ed Sheeran is ousted from the albums chart summit by Slipknot.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello continue their reign at the top of the singles chart. Ed Sheeran’s run at the top of the albums chart comes to an end, for now at least.

There’s still no change at number one in the singles chart as Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello spend another week at the summit. Their Senorita gets a fourth consecutive week in pole position and a fifth in total. The number two song also remains unchanged. Ed Sheeran and Khalid’s Beautiful People fell to number two when it was knocked off the number one spot by Mendes and Cabillo and it is still there this week.

The chart rules continue to give Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care one of the weirdest chart runs ever. It has already been documented here how it fell out of the chart from number two only to reappear at number three a week later. This week it has been hit by the Accelerated Chart Ratio meaning that its streams are only worth half as much as they were last week. As a result, I Don’t Care crashes from number three to number 21. Sheeran’s Take Me Back To London (with added Stormzy) climbs to number ten.

The remainder of the top five all reach new peaks this week. Dominic Fike’s jolly ditty 3 Nights climbs to number three and Aitch’s horrible Taste (Make It Shake) is at number four. Kygo’s remix of Whitney Houston’s version of Higher Love climbs to number five. Houston has now had new top five hits in 1999, 2009 and 2019 but no other year in the last twenty.

Sam Smith’s How Do You Sleep climbs into the top ten for the first time after oscillating between numbers eleven and twelve for a few weeks. Mist’s Fredo=assisted So High returms to the top ten.

Just a couple weeks after a top forty with no new entries, we came very close to a repeat this week. There is just one new entry (and no re-entries) and that entry is at number 40. Furthermore the song to drop out is last week’s number 40 - Mocking It by Jay1. Therefore, if you played last week’s top 39 instead of this week’s, you would have all the right songs but not necessarily in the right order.

That lone new entry comes from Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion with added contributions from Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. The presence of Minaj will lead many people to assume that the song, Hot Girl Summer, is probably terrible. The title will only lower their expectations further. In the view of this listener at least, the result is indeed terrible. Nevertheless, it is, by default the best new entry of the week. It is, of course, also the worst. In most weeks it would simply be the worst.

Anyone looking to place a bet on the album that would replace Ed Sheeran at the top of the chart at the time of No 6 Collaborations Project’s release could probably have got good odds on Slipknot doing the honours. Their last two studio albums peaked at number two, but there was no reason to believe that We Are Not Your Kind, their sixth studio album, would outdo them and give them a second number one album, their first since Iowa in 2001. Nevertheless, it has happened. The famously bemasked band have had rather more hiatuses (hiati?) than most bands with percussionist Shawn Crahan the only founder member still part of the band.

Ed Sheeran’s No 6 Collaborations Project slips to number two after four weeks at the top. While that is a short run by the standards of × and ÷, it is a week more than + managed in total. It is reasonable to suppose that his latest album will be back at number one before long.

Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent slips to number three after four weeks in the runner-up spot.

Few bands can have elicited the response “Oh, are they still around?” on the release of a new album quite as many times as Welsh band Feeder. Their most successful years were at the turn of the century, but they have remained together in some form for some 25 years. Their tenth studio album, Tallulah, enters at number five. It is their highest charting studio album since Pushing The Senses reached number two in 2005. A band with a better feeling for witty song titles (Carter USM spring to mind) would have included a track called Rock Tallulah Baby.

With two new entries in the top five, the albums chart has already outdone the whole of the top forty singles chart by a factor of two. However, it is even more exciting than that with three more newcomers to report. We start with i, i, the new album from American folk-ish band Bon Iver at number eleven, Their last two albums have reached the top five; this may yet do so when the physical version is released at the end of the month. The list of guest musicians includes Bruce Hornsby, best known for one of pop’s great piano parts on The Way It Is in 1986. We now wait with bated breath to see whether they choose another newspaper for their next album title. What odds can I get on Guardian, Guardian?

Someone called William Roberts with a sense of fun might have chosen to record under the name Billy Bobby. However, the one born in Mississippi in 1976 chose the moniker Rick Ross instead. He released his debut album, Port Of Miami, in 2006 but failed to enter the UK charts until six years later when his fifth album, God Forgives - I Don’t, reached number eight. Now that he has reached album number ten he seems to have run out of inspiration for titles and has settled on Port Of Miami 2. It enters at number eighteen.

With Ed Sheeran having cornered the market in albums named after mathematical symbols, other artists have been left contemplating whether to try punctuation marks instead. It has, up to a fashion at least, worked for rapper Trippie Redd. After failing to get anywhere near the top forty with his previous albums, he enters at number nineteen with the succinctly-titled !. Time now to listen to Vampire Weekend’s Oxford Comma.
Published on: 2019-08-16 by Suedehead2 || 4342 Views
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16 Aug 2019 - 18:50
BuzzJack Platinum Member
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I'm fond of The Beat's Ranking Full Stop, ? & The Mysterions, Haircut 100's Love Plus One, Dido's Ampersand in my shoes, and Willie Colon who all predated Ed Sheeran's flirtation with punctuation.

It's probably just a Period he's going through tongue.gif
16 Aug 2019 - 18:59
BuzzJack Legend
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Then there was Amen Corner's If Paragraph Was Half As Nice. I may have got that slightly wrong.
17 Aug 2019 - 8:14
BuzzJack Platinum Member
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Comedy gold here, Edinburgh's 10 Best Jokes pale in comparison laugh.gif
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