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Tones & I is still number one.
Tones & I's Dance Monkey continues its reign at the top of the singles chart. The Script get another number one album.

Thereís still no shifting Tones & I from the top of the singles chart as Dance Monkey stays at number one for a seventh week. The Script get a fifth number one album in six releases.

Tones & I holds n for a seventh week at number one with Dance Monkey. Unusually for a song that has been number one for so long ,Dance Monkey is still maintaining its popularity rather than seeing its lead steadily diminish. It is even selling around 10,000 downloads per week which is twice as many as some number ones have managed this year now with the vast majority of ďsalesĒ actually being streaming points.

After entering at number two last week, Dua Lipa stays put with Donít Start Now. Numbers three and four are also unchanged with Regardís Ride It at three and Ed Sheeran (accompanied by Cardi B and Camila Cabello) at number four with South Of The Border.

The bad news starts at number five with a diabolical new entry from J Hus. Anyone who thought his previous seven top forty hits were bad would be well advised to steer clear of Must Be. Somehow, it has already outdone all of those previous monstrosities in terms of peak chart position as this is his first appearance in the top five.

J Husís previous best chart position was achieved as featured artist on Daveís aptly named Disaster. DIsasters (when properly defined rather than a reference to a lost football match) tend to cause a great deal of pain, certainly a lot more than a paper cut. That is a convoluted way of introducing Paper Cuts, a new entry for Dave at number fifteen. When Disaster entered the chart in March, it was one of three new entries from his album and helped to bring his tally up to six top forty hits in just three months of 2019. As they year enters its final weeks, Paper Cut brings him up to eleven top forty entries this year.

Moving on neatly to the next link, Fredo has a new entry this week. He too has worked with Dave and featured on the 2018 number one Funky Friday before the roles were reversed on All I Ever Wanted earlier this year. Dave is probably best known these days as a television channel, home to repeats of QI, Would I Lie To You and others. That leads us to Netflix, originally the home of a batch of repeats but now also known for its own highly expensive dramas. This week it gets its first mention in the title of a UK chart hit as Netflix and Chill, by Fredo, enters at number thirteen.

When millenials are not chilling with Netflix, they might be playing a video game of some sort. They might at some point have taken in a review of a video game by Olajide Olatungi, or KSI as he prefers to be called. KSI had a hit in 2015 with Lamborghini but has steered clear of the top forty since then. That four-year grace period comes to an end this week as Down Like That enters at number eighteen. The alleged song also features Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S-X.

Following on from a song with four credited artists, how about one with three? Donít Rush by Young T & Bugsey featuring Headie One is at number 28. Young T & Bugsey made their chart debut on a song which also featured Fredo. Headie Oneís top forty debut was as the featured artist on one of Daveís previous abominations.

It took over a quarter of a century before the first song with the name Roxanne in the title to make the UK chart. Leaving aside a remix of the same song in 1997, it has taken another forty years for the name to turn up in the chart again. That momentous occasion happens this week courtesy of American rapper Arizona Zervas at number 24. Among other US states to have graced the UK charts are the Scottish band Texas and the Washingtons Grover, Geno, Dinah, Keith and Sarah.

A year before The Police had their debut hit with Roxanne, a young Elvis Costello scored his third chart hit with Pump It Up. Two further artists had top twenty hits with songs of that name in the first decade of this century and now the title provides a debut hit for Brighton-based producer Endor at number 36. Going back to earlier entries, Endor is apparently a country in the video game Dragon Quest IV.

At this point, it would be good to continue the video games theme and announce a new entry for Lana Del Rey. Unfortunately, I canít unless I just invented one and hoped nobody would notice. Instead, I shall move on to number 34 where we find a song called Gangsta by a Nigerian-born rapper Darkoo and fellow rapper One Acen. Despite One Acenís name being reminiscent of one north London football club and their ex-manager, he comes from Tottenham.

Tom Walker released a deluxe version of his album What A Time To Be Alive last week. One of the new songs, Better Half Of Me, enters at number 40. The album itself re-enters the chart at number nine.

With the festive season fast approaching, there is another batch of new albums at the top of the chart and it would be fair to say that none of the artists involved are exactly in the first flush of youth.

Two of the artists with new releases in the top five can at least claim that they didnít have their first chart success until the 21st century and they both have links with Ireland. The first of the two, and the more successful of the two this week, are Dublinís The Script. WIth their first hit coming as (relatively) recently as 2008, they can at least justifiably insist that they are not yet ready to be called old. Their new album, Sunsets And Full Moons, goes straight to the top of the chart. They have now reached number one with five of their six studio albums.

November used to be a month when several major names would release a greatest hits set. However, the advent of downloads and streaming has made it all too easy for fans to put their own compilation together. That means that, in order to enhance the prospects of success, acts need to do something a bit different. In Snow Patrolís case that has meant recording new versions of old songs under the collective title Reworked.

While The Script enjoyed almost instant success, Snow Patrol (who have, at various times, been described as Scottish, Northern Irish, or a combination of the two) had to wait rather longer. They released their first album in 1998 but didnít see any chart action until the release of their third album, Final Straw. Even that album didnít get anywhere near the chart until six months after its release following the success of the single Run. Their later hit, Chasing Cars, spent approximately 116 years in the top forty and had to be used as background music in every television programme under a law that has now been repealed. Reworked enters at number three.

Another way of repackaging a greatest hits set is to get someone to construct a film around the songs and call it a soundtrack album. That is the excuse for Last Christmas, a new compilation featuring the work of George Michael and Wham! Itís working so far as the album enters at number eleven.

Following new entries from Daniel OíDonnell and Aled Jones & Russell Watson in recent weeks itís time for two more acts who like to release new albums at this time of year. At number two we have the latest offering from Alfie Boe and Michael Ball. Having already given us Together and Together Again, they now give us Back Together. Perhaps we should place our bets on Together Once More being released in November 2020. In order to try and appear down wiv tha kidz, they tackle The Greatest Show and have also included a version of My Way. The number of versions of the latter to have been recorded is believed to be only slightly fewer than the number of atoms in the universe. Ball and Boe were on the list of presenters on a new digital radio station dedicated to songs from musicals announced this week. No doubt they will find an excuse to play their rendition of The Greatest Show.

As well as Boe and Ball, older music buyers can also choose to buy a new album from Andrea Bocelli (or add it to their Christmas list). Bocelli may, however, have annoyed some Leave voters among his fanbase by opening the album with Beethovenís Ode To Joy, now used as the European anthem. Si Forever enters at number seventeen.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seedsí new album, Ghosteen, entered at number sixteen last month before dropping right out of the top 100 the following week. For reasons unknown (to me at least), the vinyl and CD releases were held back until last week. It might have made sense for some acts, but not one whose fans are still likely to prefer a physical version of the album. Now that those releases are available, the album jumps back in at number four.

Ed Sheeranís No 6 Collaborations Project is at number five. Last weekís number one From Out Of Nowhere by Jeff Lynneís ELO, falls to number seven.

As irritating voices go, they donít get much more irritating than that of Mick Hucknall, lead singer of Simply Red. The only saving grace is that he canít hit quite such high notes as he could in his early years now that he is almost sixty. Simply Redís twelfth studio album, Blue Eyed Soul, is at number six.

FKA Twigsí debut album, LP1, was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2014. After a five-year wait she has now released album number two. Magdalene is at number 21. American country singer Luke Combs is at number 27 with What You See Is What You Get.
Not many albums drop from the top ten to somewhere outside the top 100. Michael Bubleís Christmas album has done that five times since it was released in 2011. Whether it does that for a sixth time this year remains to be seen. For now, it is a re-entry at number 28.

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15 Nov 2019 - 19:59
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Thanks for the ongoing reviewing of all the new entries in the Urban Chart so we don't have to listen to them! Much appreciated! Funny that most of them sell nothing much on itunes, or physical. Almost as if Spotify has passive background playlists that their fans can play loudly as they drive round with the windows open and pretend they like them laugh.gif

Just because I can, I drive around with the windows open and play Buzzjack Song Contest tracks loudly. Not to annoy, just because I love to share......
15 Nov 2019 - 21:39
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This week's list of new entries was indeed a bit of a struggle!
29 Nov 2019 - 19:56
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Nice Thread..
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