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Lewis Capaldi gets his second number one
Lewis Capaldi climbs to the top of the singles chart with Before You Go. J Hus tops the albums chart with Big Conspiracy.

Another tight battle for supremacy in the singles chart. J Hus gets his first number one album.

After last week’s very close race at the top of the singles chart, won by Eminem by a margin of under 100 copies, there was another tight battle this week. Unusually, this week’s contest was between two songs in last week’s top five which were not strong contender’s last week - Lewis Cpaldi’s Before You Go (last week’s number five) and The Weeknd’s Blinding Light. At least that meant we could be certain that this week’s chart topper would be a distinct improvement on last week.

Lewis Capaldi tried to maximise his chances of claiming his second number one single by putting out a number of copies of Before You Go on CD, a quaint reminder of the days when all singles were available in physical form. They were enough to put him ahead in each of the updates until Wednesday, but never by more than a few hundred copies. By Thursday’s update, The Weeknd had edged ahead.

That merely spurred Capaldi into action again, urging his many Twitter followers to dip into their pockets and download his song. The effort paid off as Before You Go regained the lead to give him a second number one single. The margin of victory - over 8,500 copies - suggests that some sales may have been missing from Thursday’s figures.

The Weeknd, then, misses out on what would have been his first number one as Blinding Light moves up to number two. He does, though, have the consolation of achieving a new peak position in the UK singles chart beating The Hills and Can’t Feel My Face which both got to number three.

Roddy Ricch falls one place to number three with The Box. After going straight to number one last week, Eminem’s Godzilla (featuring Juice Wrld) falls to number four. Eminem has had a total of ten number one singles but none of them have held on for a second week at the top. On that measure he even outdoes Oasis who have had eight number ones without any of them staying there for more than seven days. Stormzy Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy fall to number five with Own It.

Most of this week’s new entries come from new albums released last Friday. Three of them are tracks on Big Conspiracy from some-time jailbird J Hus, originally known as Momolou Jallow from Stratford - the one in London, not the home of Shakespeare. For the time being at least, none of them add to J Hus’s tally of three top ten singles with the highest of them, Play Play, entering at number eleven. For a much better song with the words Play Play in the title, listen to the nearly six minutes of utter madness that is Faster Kitty Cat Play Play by Mr Ray’s Wig World.

Perhaps fittingly given the existence of a song called Play Play, the third J Hus new entry is Repeat at number 21. It also serves as a reminder that quoting song lyrics is rarely a good idea on Just A Minute whose long-serving chair, Nicholas Parsons, died this week at the age of 96. While song lyrics may avoid deviation from the subject and you can avoid hesitation as long as you know the words well enough, there are not many songs whose lyrics avoid repetition. Big Conspiracy, the album’s title track, enters at number nineteen. That song features Icee TGM whose identity is unknown. Cue lots of big conspiracy theories.

As if taking part in his own version of television’s latest hit The Masked Singer, rapper M Huncho chooses to conceal his identity behind a mask. He released his debut album last week and one of the tracks from it, Pee Pee, enters at number 32. It joins Chuck Berry’s My Ding-A-Ling and The Sweet’s Little Willy in giving young schoolboys everywhere a giggle.

Today (Friday) sees the UK take a big leap into the unknown. The country remains divided over whether it is a great opportunity or an idea so unutterably stupid that it makes invding Iraq seem like a brilliant move. Unsurprisingly, that has led to campaigns to get songs marking the occasion into the chart. One side chose a magnificent piece of classical music while the other chose an expletive-riddled cacophony.

Beethoven’s Ode To Joy, taken from his ninth symphony, was originally chosen as an anthem for the Council of Europe (of which the UK continues to be a member) in 1972 and was adopted by the European Union later. Among the more unusual versions of the piece was one by Wendy Carlos used in the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange. However, the version chosen by the pro-EU campaigners is performed by Dutchman Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. I assume that the choice of Maastricht-born Rieu is not a coincidence. The Maastricht Treaty of 1993 played a key part in creating the European Union as it is today. Regular readers will know that Rieu has been a regular presence in the albums chart for the last ten years but this is his first appearance in the singles chart. Ode To Joy is at number thirty. What happened to the puerile thing? Not in the top forty.

Many singers over the years have chosen to use only their forename with Madonna and Adele being obvious examples. Others just use their surname and they are joined (almost) this week by Carlos St John who records under the name Saint Jhn. Fans of the Two Ronnies will have visions of him entering a hardware shop, asking “Got any Os?” and leaving empty handed. He makes his top forty debut this week with Roses which is, presumably, not about chocolates.

There was also a close battle in the albums chart with two new albums aiming to dethrone Eminem from the top. As can be guessed by the presence of three songs from the album in the singles chart, one of them was J Hus’s Big Conspiracy. The other was by the Pet Shop Boys who made their chart debut long before J Hus was born.

In the early chart updates, the Pet Shop Boys’ Hotspot was ahead by a narrow margin. However, as their sales were always likely to be heavily loaded towards the start of the week and they would be expected to be well behind J Hus on streams, it seemed to be too much to hope that they would end the week on top. That, indeed, has proved to be the case as Big Conspiracy gives J Hus his first number one album after his debut, Common Sense, peaked at number six.

Pet Shop Boys, therefore, get their seventeenth top ten album with Hotspot but are unable to add to their single week at the top of the chart with Very in 1993. While it is disappointing to see them beaten once again and even more disappointing to see them end up at number three, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they can still consistently get top ten albums almost exactly 34 years after West End Girls first topped the singles chart. This new album includes Dreamland, a collaboration with Years And Years which was released as a single last year.

Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By topped the chart last week on downloads and streams alone. It might have been expected that the availability of some CDs on Monday (although these appear to have been made available before the official release date of today) would have given him a second week at number one. However, that isn’t the case, perhaps demonstrating that Eminem is not quite the force that he was or that physical sales are becoming even more irrelevant even for some long-established acts. He falls to number two this week.

If Eminem’s prematurely-released CDs help Blossoms to get to number one next week, that will be good news indeed. Music To Be Murdered By has fared rather better than the album it beat to last week’s number one spot. The Courteeners’ More Again Forever has crashed right out of the top forty from last week’s second place.

Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent falls one place to number four. The mysterious M Huncho enters at number five with the cornily-titled Huncholini The First.

If a band are named, for example, Joe Bloggs and The Bloggers or The Sid Sachs Six, it can usually be assumed that Joe Bloggs and Sid Sachs are the singers. That, however, isn’t always the case with sixties band the Dave Clark Five being one of the exceptions. Dave Clark was the band’s drummer, although the fact that he was also their manager may have played a part in his name being to the fore. The band’s example was later followed by Echo And The Bunnymen who named themselves after a drum machine.

The Dave Clark Five enjoyed eight top ten hits in the 1960s, reaching number one in 1964 with Glad All Over. Their first two albums also made the top ten but their subsequent studio sets failed to make the charts at all. Their subsequent appearances in the albums chart have all been courtesy of compilations. Those compilations include The Hits which reached number fifteen in 2008. A slightly revised version of that album has now been released with the subtle addition of the word All to its name and it enters at number ten, their first appearance in the top ten since a previous compilation in 1978.

Scottish band Twin Atlantic beat the Pet Shop Boys to win the coveted title of my album of the week with their fifth album, Power. With its mix of songs sounding like bands such as The Killers and Depeche Mode it is unable to match its two immediate predecessors by entering the top ten. It is, nevertheless, a new entry at number eleven.

This week’s most unusual new entry comes from Peat And Diesel, a three-piece band from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. The three all have full-time jobs, a fisherman (naturally), a delivery driver and (just like any lower non-league side playing in the first round of the FA Cup), an electrician with the band being merely a part-time interest. Even so, they have shifted enough copies of their second album, Light My Byre, to enter at number 27. A band called Stornoway had three top forty albums between 2010 and 2015; they come from Oxford.

James Blunt’s Once Upon A Mind jumps back in at number fifteen. The Oasis compilation, Time Flies, is back at number 40. Finally, a belated mention for Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours which gained a 200th week in the top forty last week. It spends its 201st week in the same position as the 200th, number 32.
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2 Feb 2020 - 13:22
Dan in the Piano
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The Weeknd has sat at #2 before with 'Starboy', hopefully 'Blinding Lights' can overtake Lewis to be his first #1 next week however.
Also, Icee TGM is supposedly J Hus' sister.
3 Feb 2020 - 19:38
BuzzJack Legend
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Yes, I saw the suggestion that Icee TGM was J Hus's sister but I couldn't find any reason for that idea!
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