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Dababy gets a fifth week at number one
DaBaby's Rockstar tops the singles chart for a fifth week. Liam Gallagher has his third number one album as a solo artist.

Dababy gets another week at the top of the singles chart. Liam Gallagher becomes one of the few artists to take a live album to number one.

Dababy (with a little help from Roddy Ricch) spends another week comfortably ahead of the rest of the field at number one on the singles chart with Rockstar. Its current run of three weeks brings its total spell at the top to five weeks. The song that interrupted it for a week, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s Rain On Me, stays at number two for a third week.

S1mba and STG’s Rover remains stationary at number three for a fourth week with Breaking Me by Topic featuring A7S still at number four. AJ Tracey and Mostack’s Dinner Guest climbs one place to number five.

After last week’s paltry one new entry, this week we have a magnificent total of three. The bad news is that the highest, at number twelve, comes from someone who is best not mentioned in polite company so I won’t. It does, however, give the featured artist Nicki Minaj her 37th top forty hit.

The number of greatest hits collections doing well in the charts this year, particularly since lockdown was imposed, has been mentioned here several times. One of the most surprising albums to reappear in the lower reaches of the chart (without ever threatening to get back into the top forty) has been Jason Derulo’s Platinum Hits collection. Who knew people still wanted to listen to him? This week he returns to the singles chart after an absence of two years in collaboration with Jawsh 685 on Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) at number 22. Jawsh 685 is a New Zealand-based student who owes his fame to TikTok. Let’s hope he returns to his studies now that New Zealand has returned to something resembling normal life. Derulo and Nicki Minaj are two of four artists in this week’s top forty who were in the top ten exactly five years ago.

The final new entry, at number 31 is Free 22, the latest effort from D-Block Europe. It is their third top forty hit of the year although the top twenty has, so far at least, remained a D-Block Europe-free zone. As ever for D-Block Europe, Free 22 is just a random collection of noises but some people seem to like it.

Two songs climb into the top ten for the first time. Regard & Raye’s Secrets rises four places to number eight and 220 Kid & Gracey are up three places to number ten with Don’t Need Love. The latter narrowly prevents Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar from reaching the top ten.

After threatening to do so for the last month or more, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect re-enters the top forty at number 40. A nation rejoices. Or not. It is the song’s second appearance in the top forty this year where it has now spent 44 of its 131 weeks in the top 100. Marshmello and Halsey’s Be Kind re-enters at number 39.

While live performances have (until they were effectively banned as part of the lockdown) have always been popular, live albums have tended to do only moderately well in the charts. Indeed, one of the few to have topped the chart is a comedy album by Welshman Max Boyce. Their number is joined this week by Liam Gallagher with a live acoustic album recorded last August at Hull City Hall under the MTV Unplugged banner. As would be expected, the album contains a mix of Oasis and post-Oasis material ending with a splendid Champagne Supernova. The applause makes it rather more of a nostalgia-fest than would have been anticipated when it was recorded.

The album is Liam’s third (from three releases) as a solo artist to add to his eight (all seven studio albums plus a compilation) with Oasis. Its sales this week include over 10,000 on vinyl, more than any other album this year. It is the first live album to top the chart since George Michael’s Symphonica in 2014.

The 50th anniversary Glastonbury Festival should have been kicking off next week. Its cancellation has left the BBC with some hefty gaps in the schedule, some of which they are filling with some material from their archives, including Oasis’s debut appearance in 1994.

One of the performers at that first Glastonbury Festival back in 1970 was David Bowie. As he had just one hit single (Space Oddity in 1969) to his name at the time, he did not exactly get a prominent slot. He was rather more famous when he headlined on the main stage thirty years later. That performance will be shown in full (for the first time) as another part of the BBC’s Glastonbury substitute programming. In the meantime, the corporation devoted an evening on BBC2 earlier this week to the great man. As a result, his Legacy collection climbs nineteen places to number nineteen.

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica slips to number two after a fortnight at the top of the pile. Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent is back up to number three.Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia climbs two places to number four. Harry Styles’ Fine Line also climbs back up two places, to number five. Fine Line has now spent 27 weeks in the top ten, seventeen weeks more than any One Direction album managed. Furthermore, even Liam Gallagher said nice things about it.

One of the final questions on Pointless this week concerned the winners of the Critics Choice Award in the Brits. The 2016 winner, Jack Garratt, was one of the pointless answers. While the others would have raised a comment along the lines of “Oh yes, I’d forgotten they’d won it”. Garratt’s name was more likely to elicit a simple “Who?”. He released his debut album a few weeks after the Brits ceremony and it went to number three. His second album - Love, Death & Dancing - has been three years in the making and it is a new entry at number eight.

After last week’s Essential collection from Human League, this week it is the turn of Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. The band had four top ten hits between 1973 and 1980 including Whiskey In The Jar and The Boys Are Back In Town. Their Essential collection is at number sixteen.

Another Dublin band, Kodaline, have a new entry at number 33 with their fourth album, One Day At A Time. Their second album, Coming Up For Air, shared its name with a George Orwell novel. They have gone rather more lowbrow this time with a reminder of a diabolical number one single by Lena Martell.

Gold Against The Soul was the second (of three) albums released by Manic Street Preachers with their original singer and songwriter Richey Edwards before he disappeared in February 1995. It featured the singles From Despair To Where (still a popular part of their live set) and La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) and reached number eight to give the Welsh band their first top ten album. There is now a new edition of the album with remastered tracks, demos and remixes. It enters at number seventeen.

Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black re-enters the top forty at number 39. Two compilations also return to the chart - The Killers’ Direct Hits at number 40 and Whitney Houston’s Ultimate Collection at 36. That gives us thirteen compilations (plus a live album) in the top forty this week.

There are some news stories which we have all known are coming for a long time but, nonetheless, still come as a surprise when they do happen. One such came yesterday (Thursday) with the death of Vera Lynn at the age of 103. She had no fewer than three singles in the first ever UK chart in November 1952. All three of them were in the top ten although two of them would have been at numbers eleven and twelve if the compilers had dealt with tied positions in the traditional way. She remained the only British female singer to have three songs in the top ten at the same time until Dua Lipa did so earlier this year.

Her career was, of course, at its peak in the war years between 1939 and 1945 when her patriotic songs did so much to maintain morale in the UK. As is often the case, part of her success was down to luck. Having been born while the First World War was still raging, she was in her early twenties when WWII broke out. The UK’s favourite female singer at the time was Gracie Fields but she decided to spend the war years safely ensconced in North America, thereby leaving a vacancy which Lynn duly filled.

Such was Vera Lynn’s standing as the forces’ sweetheart that it didn’t really matter what she did after the war - she would always have a particular place in the heart of the nation. She continued to record for many years afterwards but was always going to be remembered for the war years, regardless of the quality of her post-war work. Her longevity simply added to her legendary status.

Since the death of Doris Day just over a year ago, Vera Lynn has been the only surviving named artist in that original top twelve (which actually contained fifteen songs). The oldest surviving artist to have topped the UK chart is Tony Bennett who took a version of Stranger In Paradise to number one in 1955. He has a link to this week’s chart as he recorded an album with Lady Gaga in 2014.

Vera Lynn was popular in the US as well. In 1952 she had a number one hit in the Billboard chart with Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart, becoming the first non-American to top that chart. That song was one of her three in the inaugural UK singles chart and its title inspired the name of the 1980s comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen Pet. One of the stars of that show, Tim Healy, is the father of The 1975’s Matt Healy. By a weird coincidence, his mother is Denise Welch. Vera Lynn was born Vera Welch.

If there are any other tributes to Very Lynn containing references to Lady Gaga and The 1975, I haven’t seen them.

We lost another holder of a UK chart record with the death last Friday (12 June) of Ricky Valance who became the first Welsh man to have a number one single in 1960 with Tell Laura I Love Her, one of a number of records of that period in which the death of the central character was a common theme. Shirley Bassey had become the first Welsh singer to top the chart the previous year. There will be a further reference to this song in a series I will be beginning on Buzzjack and Haven next month.
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