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A second week at the top for 24KGoldn
Mood by 24KGoldn and Ian Dior stays at the top of the singles chart and Bristol band Idles get their first number one album.

A second week at the top of the singles chart for 24KGoldn and Idles get their first number one album.

After climbing to number one last week, 24KGoldn and Iann Dior spend a second week at the top with Mood. This means that we still haven’t had a seven-day number one since Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s Rain On Me (a rather apt title for much of the country today) at the start of the summer.

The rest of the top four also remains unchanged from last week. Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion remain at number two with WAP while Headie One’s Stormzy and AJ Tracey-featuring Ain’t It Different defies its title by spending a fourth successive week in the same place, number three. Paul Wollford’s Looking For Me, with added input from Diplo and Kareen Lomax, is still at number four. Internet Money, Gunna, Don Toliver and Nav climb to number five with Lemonade.

Da Beatfreakz get their third top forty hit, and their highest chart placing to date, with 808 at number twenty. Their biography on their record company’s website opens with “Obi aka O1 and Uche aka U1” which looks like the sort of thing that used to be displayed when a Ceefax page hadn’t loaded properly. In the same way that last week’s new entry 5AM could be misread as Sam, 808 has nothing to do with Bob. Da Beatfreakz are joined on 808 by Dutchavelli (his third hit of 2020), DigDat and B Young. The latter two both made their UK chart debut in 2018.

Dutchavelli (who isn’t Dutch) has a new entry in his own right at number 35 with Bando Diaries, instantly lifting his 2020 tally of hits to four. Various diaries have reached the chart in the past including The Diary Of Horace Wimp (Electric Light Orchestra) and Nobody’s Diary (Yazoo).

Travis Scott enters at number 26 with Franchise, a song which is just as awful as his previous output. It features Young Thug and M.I.A. It is Scott’s eleventh top forty hit, Young Thug’s sixth and M.I.A’s fourth and first for eight years. Franchise continues M.I.A’s record of only having hits in even years although her best-known single, Paper Planes, did have a brief return to the forty in 2009.

Machine Gun Kelly’s promotional puff on iTunes attempts to claim that his music crosses multiple genres. Leaving aside the hyperbole, his single My Ex’s Best Friend, a new entry at number thirty, is sufficiently close to rock to count as a rare top forty hit for a rock song. Only three songs with the words best friend in the title have ever reached the top ten. Curiously, two of them had the same theme - Girl Of My Best Friend (Elvis Presley) and My Best Friend’s Girl (The Cars). Can Machine Gun Kelly join them with a song close to a reversal of the roles? The song features Blackbear who co-wrote Boyfriend for Justin Bieber.

Machine Gun Kelly gets a second new entry of the week with Forget Me Too at number 39. Two vaguely rocky songs in the same week. We are being spoilt.

Until this week, just one song with the word Daisy in the title had reached the top forty. That was Chipmunk’s Oopsie Daisy which went all the way to number one in 2009. Only two others had made even the top 100 and both had come close to the top forty. The first shared Chipmunk’s theme - Terri Walker’s Whoopsie Daisy spent a week at number 41 in 2005. The other one, a song by Ashnikko simply called Daisy, was at number 42 last week. This week it climbs to number 34 to give the rapper born Ashton Casey her first top forty single in the UK. She was born in the USA, has lived in Latvia and Estonia and is now based in London.

MoStack enters at number 39 with Miss Me. It features AJ Tracey so it is no surprise that it is terrible.

After dismal sales at the top of the albums chart last week, we do at least have a number one with relatively healthy sales at number one this week. Idles’ third studio album Ultra Mono goes straight to the top with over 25,000 sales which counts as a decent figure these days for an act that is still not very well known. Idles formed in Bristol in 2009 but didn’t release their debut album for another eight years. That album, Brutalism, failed to reach the chart but they survived to make a second. Their patience was rewarded as Joy As An Act Of Resistance reached number five in 2018. A live album last year missed the top forty.

Pop Smoke’s Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon drops to number two after a week at number one.

As well as getting his first two top forty hits, Machine Gun Kelly also has a number three album to his name with his fifth release Tickets To My Downfall. It is only his second top forty album in the UK following Bloom in 2017. All of his previous albums have reached the top ten in his native USA.

Last week the 2020 Mercury Prize was awarded to Michael Kiwanuka’s third studio album Kiwanuka. It reached number two when it was released last year. It now returns at number four.

Deftones enter at number five with their eleventh album Ohms. It matches the peak of their previous release, Gore, in 2016 and is their third top ten album.

Joji, born George Miller in Japan, enters at number six with Nectar. It is the follow-up to his debut set Ballads 1 which reached number 26 in 2018.

A remastered edition of Prince’s Sign o’ The Times is at number seven, three places below the position it reached on its release in 1987. This new edition includes remixes, live performances and other previously unreleased material.

One of the biggest acts of the 1970s have a new Best Of set at number eight. Slade had six number one singles (including Merry Xmas Everybody) and a further ten top ten hits. They had a habit of mis-spelling their song titles (Skweeze Me Pleeze Me, Gudbuy T’Jane etc,) and they have done the same for this new collection, Cum On Feel The Hitz. It is their sixth top ten album and comes over 46 years after their last appearance in the top ten. Thanks to Colin (zeuss at Buzzjack, orthon at Haven) for the information that this is the longest gap between appearances in the top ten of the albums chart. He puts it into perspective by mentioning that 1974, the year of their last time in the top ten, saw Abba and Queen have their first UK hits while Mud had the Christmas number one.

On the day that his former Genesis bandmate Mike Rutherford turns 70, Steve Hackett enters at number 23 with a live album Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings. Selling England By The Pound was Genesis’s fifth studio album, released in 1973. As with many Genesis albums in the Peter Gabriel days, several of its songs are around ten minutes long including the wonderful Firth Of Fifth and The Cinema Show. Spectral Mornings was Hackett’s third solo album, released in 1978.

Lil Peep’s Hellboy enters at number 37. The mixtape was originally released in 2016 and has been newly released for streaming. It was his last mixtape before his death in 2017.

Guns ‘n’ Roses Greatest Hits returns at number seventeen following the release of a new edition for the September part of the extended 2020 Record Store Day.

Two of the week’s biggest chart stories involve releases that did not make the top forty - one in the singles and one in the albums chart. Followers of the Premier League will have noticed that Everton have started the season with three wins in their first three games. For many teams, this isn’t a big deal, but for Everton supporters it is. Even more exciting for them, they were briefly ahead of local rivals Liverpool who had failed to win as many points in two games as Everton had in three. SO excited were Everton supporters that they started downloading various songs associated with their team. One of them, Spirit Of The Blues, spent some time at the top of the iTunes chart. Unfortunately, nobody involved in the campaign appears to have realised that streams make a bigger contribution to the chart than sales which means that Spirit Of The Blues is not in the top forty.

Meanwhile, former Marillion singer Fish (born Derek Dick) released his final solo album before retiring. It was a self-released album, available only from Fish’s website. All copies were distributed by him, Mrs Fish-Dick and a team of helpers. However, it was not registered with the Official Charts Company and so does not appear anywhere in the chart.
Published on: 2020-10-02 by Suedehead2 || 1122 Views
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Pting Rollo
2 Oct 2020 - 17:28
BuzzJack Platinum Member
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I'm pleased that you mentioned Fish. He spent a lot of time working on his final album and the consensus from his fanbase is that it's the finest album from his solo career. Many of them opted to pay £50 for the deluxe version which includes a hardback book. Fish is a keen gardener and he will be appearing on Garderners' World tonight on BBC2 showing viewers around his garden and explaining how it has helped his mental health.

Firth Of Fifth by Genesis is indeed wonderful. It contains what could possibly be the best piano intro to any song and also the best guitar solo.

2 Oct 2020 - 18:36
BuzzJack Legend
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Isn't it great to reminisce about 1970s Genesis? biggrin.gif
3 Oct 2020 - 13:03
BuzzJack Platinum Member
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1974 was also the debut year for a Genesis hit single smile.gif

I'd put the Slade top 10 gap into context by saying that in the year Slade last made the album top 10 in 1974 it would have been like errr Al Jolson or Stravinski making the top 10, but only assuming they might have had albums in an alternate universe 1928 and that Jolson and Stravinsky (or Noel Coward, Jimmy Durante or others of that period) had failed to make the hypothetical top 10 charts with said hypothetical albums in the 3 years before the album was created and the 28 years until the first album chart.

Al Jolson seemed like a hundred years ago to this 16-year-old in 1974, and although everyone knew who he was there wasn't a clamour to buy his Greatest Hits until 1981 when they hit 18 in the UK albums chart, so theoretically that's prob about 46 years after he stopped being Huge and when it was harder to get into the top 10 than it is today.
3 Oct 2020 - 15:14
BuzzJack Legend
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And that first Genesis hit remains the only hit single with the word Wardrobe in its title biggrin.gif
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