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A fifth week at the top for Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo's Drivers Licence is still the UK's number one single. Foo Fighters top the albums chart.

Olivia Rodrigo stays put at the top of the singles chart for a fifth week. Foo Fighters get their fifth number one album.

There is still no stopping Olivia Rodrigo’s run at number one as Drivers Licence spends a fifth week at the top of the singles chart. The last song to spend exactly five weeks at number one was Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s Take Me Back To London in the late summer and early autumn of 2019. Thanks to S1m at Haven for pointing out that Drivers Licence is the eighteenth song to reach number one since Blinding Lights first climbed to the top.

Nathan Evans, 220 Kid and Billen Ted hold on at number two with Wellerman. Kid Laroi’s Without You moves back up to number three and Anne-Marie’s Don’t Play (with additional contributions from KSI and Digital Farm Animals) is at number four.

The highest new entry of the week, at number five, comes from Digga D and AJ Tracey. As the most positive thing that can be said about Digga D is that he isn’t AJ Tracey, it is not surprising that the “song”, Bringing It Back is atrocious. As such, it fits perfectly into the chart histories of the two protagonists. It is Digga D’s first top ten hit and AJ Tracey’s seventh.

Maths students and graduates everywhere will be appalled at the mathematical illiteracy that appears on the credits of Latest Trends. A1 × J1 breaks so many conventions that it is hard to know where to start. The fact that the two of them have a combined age of just 32 is no excuse. A1 is a 15-year-old from London who wasn’t even born (quite possibly, his parents hadn’t even met) when the boyband of that name topped the chart with their version of Take On Me. That version is actually OK, despite what many other people think. It’s biggest problem is that it was never going to be anywhere near as good as one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. Latest Trends is at number nineteen. Now look what they’ve done. They’ve made me write a sentence that looks grammatically illiterate.

In a sane world, Bringing It Back would be easily the worst new entry of the week. Unfortunately, we live in a world where Cardi B has a music career. She enters at number 21 with her latest abomination, Up. It is her thirteenth top 40 entry, making it unlucky for chart show listeners.

German producer André Tanneberger, recording as ATB has a new entry at number 23 with Your Love (9 pm). It is a reworking of his 1991 number one song 9pm (Till I Come) and features a chocolate bar (Topic) and what sounds like a road (A7S). Topic and A7S collaborated last year on the number three hit Breaking Me while ATB’s last chart appearance was in 2001.

Like many artists who enjoy huge success with their first hit, Ava Max is still trying to emulate her chart debut Sweet Like Psycho. She has had two further top forty hits since that song spent four weeks at number one but has yet to return to the top ten. Her latest attempt to do so, My Head & My Heart, is a new entry at number 35. It should of course, not be confused with Joel Corry’s current hit, Head & Heart which is a completely different song.

Not many Eurovision-winning songs reach the top forty these days. It is even more unusual to see one doing so nearly two years after winning. Nevertheless, that is what has happened to the 2019 winner, Duncan Laurence’s Arcade which won for the Netherlands in 2019 and, thanks to last year’s cancellation, remains the reigning champion. Better late than never, it enters at number 39. Inevitably, Tik Tok has played a part.

Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar re-enters at number 40 after the release of a physical version of the single. Older readers will remember the days when the existence of a physical single was a requirement for a song to be able to chart. Readers who are even older will remember the days when the concept of a “physical version” wasn’t really a thing as it was the only way of buying music.

September this year will see the thirtieth anniversary of Nevermind, the second album released by grunge pioneers Nirvana. Their debut album, Bleach, had failed to reach the chart and Nevermind’s initial chart performance was fairly modest. However, it eventually reached the top ten and now features regularly in lists of the greatest albums of all time.

Nirvana’s career was abruptly cut short in 1994 when singer Kurt Cobain took his own life. Later that year, the band’s drummer formed Foo Fighters with the original intention that they would only release one album. Even though that release wasn’t a major success in their native USA, it did well in the UK. They abandoned the one-off idea and have now released their tenth studio album, Medicine At Midnight. Eight of their previous studio albums reached the top three with the exception (1999’s There Is Nothing Left To Lose) stalling at number ten. Medicine At Midnight continues the general trend by becoming their fifth number one album. Each of their previous number one albums has stayed there for just one week. This one will probably do the same.

In a clear case of never missing a marketing opportunity, The Weeknd’s record label chose to release a greatest hits set to coincide with his appearance on television on Sunday night which briefly interrupted an elaborate form of the children's game of catch masquerading as a sporting event. It has paid off as The Highlights enters at number two. Let’s face it, not many recent greatest hits sets have started as strongly as this one with Save Your Tears (up to number fifteen in the singles chart this week), Blinding Lights (at number twenty), In Your Eyes and Can’t Feel My Face. His After Hours album returns to the top forty at number nineteen.

Celeste falls to number three with Not Your Muse after a week at number one.

Anyone who thinks three minutes is the perfect length of a song will probably decide that Black Country, New Road’s debut album, Not For the First time is not for them as most of the tracks are over twice that long. They would be well-advised to give it a try as it is a decent album. Clearly, I am not alone in thinking that as it enters at number four.

Streaming has been the predominant means of listening to music for long enough for record companies to know which artists are still largely dependent on physical sales. That being so, it is surprising that some companies still release albums digitally some time before the physical release, even when they know that fans of the act rarely stream music or download albums. The latest album by American folk-influenced band Fleet Foxes illustrates that perfectly.

The band’s debut album started fairly slowly but increased interest following the release of Mykonos as a single propelled the album into the top three even though the single itself was not a major hit. This meant that the follow-up, Helplessness Blues, went straight to number two. Album number three was not quite as successful but still made the top ten. Their fourth album, Shore, was released in digital form last autumn and only just reached the top 75. Now that fans can, literally, get their hands on a copy it enters at number five, belatedly preserving their 100% top ten record.

As well as some American folk-influenced music, there is also some from the UK as Watford trio Staves enter at number thirteen with Good Woman. It beats their last album, If I Was, by one place.

Scottish band Deacon Blue (whose main success was in the 1980s) enter at number 23 with Riding On The Tide Of Love.

Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure re-enters at number nine, helped by an appearance on Graham Norton’s show last week.
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