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A month at number one for LF System
Scottish duo LF System still top the singles chart. Jamie T gets a long-awaited first number one album.

LF System continue their run at the top of the singles chart. Jamie T gets his first number one album.

LF System’s Afraid To Feel spends a fourth week at number one in the singles chart. As we near the end of July, we have had just six new number one singles so far this year.

The occupant of number two spot has also changed very little in recent weeks but it has happened this week. We’ll come to that shortly but first Harry Styles’ As It Was (one of the six number ones) slip[s back to number three after spending five of the last six weeks in the runner-up position. George Ezra is at number four with Green Green Grass. Burna Boy is at number five with the repetitive Last Last.

One of the running themes in these commentaries has been additions to the list of song titles that have also been the name of charting acts. In most weeks there are no new names added to the list but single additions still occur a few times a year. This week, if we allow a good degree of flexibility, there are no fewer than three additions to the list.

While it would be silly to pair up, for example, Franz Ferdinad’s Michael and any of the many Michaels to have appeared in the UK charts, there has only (so far) been one charting Doja. Therefore, Central Cee’s Doja, a new entry at number two is the first of our “almost but not quite” additions to the list. It is Central Cee’s sixth top forty hit of the year and by far the biggest already. None of the others even reached the top twenty. Doja Cat is at number 29 with her Post Malone collaboration I Like You (A Happier Song). Post Malone was a hit for Sam Feldt a few years ago. Ms Cat is also at number 25 with Vegas, yet another name of an act which has had a top forty single.

Although the punk scene was bigger in the UK than anywhere else, one of the defining punk albums was Marquee Moon by American band Television. A shortened version of the name of that device, TV, is the title of one of two new entries in this week’s chart by Billie Eilish. TV is at number 23 while The 30th, which is actually Eilish’s 17th top forty hit so she’s only a little over half way there, is at number 33. Unfortunately, I find both of them more than a little soporific.

If TV does count then Blur’s Coffee & TV is one of the few songs whose title is made up of the names of two acts. Sadly, if an act called Shoes even exists, they have never reached the chart so Blue Suede Shoes doesn’t count as a treble. On the other hand, if an aspiring act is looking for a name,...

The last of the three is the one that comes closest to qualifying properly. German dance group Snap! (note the exclamation mark) had a number of hits in the early 1990s including Rhythm Is A Dancer which was at number two exactly thirty years ago. According to the Official Charts Company website (although polyhex disagrees), when they returned in the early part of this century the exclamation mark had gone. If they really did drop that piece of punctuation, however, briefly, then Rosa Linn’s Snap, a new entry at number 26, definitely counts. The song was Armenia’s entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest back in May where it came 20th. Linn’s previous single was called King which is also the name of a charting act.

Sash! have a new single out called Rainbow which is also the name of an act that has had some chart success.

Among the other song titles that have also been the name of a charting act is Right Said Fred. It was a top ten hit in 1962 for actor Bernard Cribbins who died this week aged 93.

Luude follows up his reworking of Down Under with Big City Life at number 37. It is a reworking of the 2005 single from Mattafix which reached number fifteen.

One last piece of singles chart news - it has finally happened. After 34 weeks in the top forty Sam Fender’s Seventeen Going Under gets a week at number seventeen. He doesn’t quite make it a double. The album of the same name is at number nineteen.

Jamie Treays, performing as Jamie T, had his first chart success in 2006 with hit singles Sheila and If You Got The Money. Both songs appeared on his 2007 album Panic Prevention which reached number four. His next three albums, released between 2009 and 2016, also reached the top five but none of them went all the way to the top. After a six-year absence, he has released a new album, The Theory Of Whatever, and has finally bagged himself a well-deserved number one.

After its fourth spell at the top (amounting to six weeks in total) Harry Styles’ Harry’s House slips back to number two. This week the album was among the nominees for the 2022 Mercury Prize. Ed Sheeran’s = (with four weeks at the top to its name) remains at number three.

Franz Ferdinand have already had one mention this week, despite not having anything in the charts at the moment, and now they’re getting another one. They are one of many acts to have played at the Heaven nightclub in London, one of the first big gay clubs in the UK. Other acts to have performed there include Pet Shop Boys, Billie Eilish, Eurythmics and (in a secret gig before the main club opened for the night) Suede. That is all a roundabout way of leading up to Jack White’s new album Entering Heaven Alive. For many people, entering Heaven alive has been a regular occurrence. Before I forget, Entering Heaven Alive enters the albums chart at number four.

The Weeknd’s hits collection The Highlights climbs back up to number five.

Bananarama had a string of hit singles in the 1980s. They continued to enjoy chart success even after two of their number to form the less poppy Shakespear’s Sister in 1998. By then, one of them was married to Dave Stewarrt of Eurythmics fame which makes them the second act to get two mentions this week without being in the charts. Bananarama enter at number 22 with their new album Masquerade. One of Bananarama and Shakespear’s Sister named themselves after a Smiths song. No prizes for guessing which one.

Any band who name themselves after a David Bowie song (not a chart hit in this case so it doesn’t count for the list mentioned above) will probably attract a good deal of criticism unless they are exceptionally good. While Kooks have released some good songs in their almost thirty years of existence, few people would put them in the same league as Bowie.

Their new album 10 Songs To Echo In The Dark follows the familiar pattern. There are some good songs on the album but other tracks are less good. Incidentally, the album includes a track called Oasis. The short track (under two minutes long) is not as good as most of the material released by the band of that name. The album is at number 32.

The tactic of releasing “new” material by deceased artists by adding an orchestral accompaniment has generated significant sales for artists such as Elvis Presley (twice), Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly in recent years. That list gains a new entry this week (and a new orchestra) with the arrival of Bob Marley & The Wailers & The Chineke! Orchestra. As with the previous releases, the album includes some of the original artist’s best-known songs which in this case means Exodus, I Shot The Sheriff and the excellent Redemption Song are among the tracks.

The Cheneke! Orchestra was formed in 2015 and was aimed at giving an opportunity to talented musicians from the black and Asian community who, for no good reason, seem to find it hard to get a chance with other orchestras. It now also includes white musicians and can, therefore, probably lay a claim to be the country’s most ethnically diverse orchestra. Their previous released output has comprised various recordings of classical works before branching out to a project that may prove more lucrative financially than all their previous releases put together.

The main Bob Marley & The Wailers compilation, Legend, was released in 1984, three years after Marley’s death, and spent its first twelve weeks at number one. Last year it became the second album in history (after Abba Gold) to spend 1,000 weeks in the UK albums chart. Thanks to continued heavy streaming of Marley songs it is an almost permanent fixture in the top forty alongside Abba Gold and Queen’s Greatest Hits, the third album to reach 1,000 weeks. Unfortunately, the orchestral version has missed out on a chart placing.
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