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LF System remain at number one
This weekís commentary comes from popchartfreak while I swelter on holiday

Apologies for the delay, a few technical issues!

A 6th singles week on top for LF System and Beyonce holds on albums.

Suedey is on a well-deserved holiday a la belle France, so it's Just John this week. Itís 6 weeks on top for 1979ís smooth jazzfunk laid-back disco sounds of Silkís I Canít Stop (Turning You On), or as itís better-known now Afraid To Feel, speeded-up by LF System. Beyonce had a good go at grabbing the top spot with her Madonna-featuring remix of her current shouty typeface BREAK MY SOUL!, but settles for 2 again. That leaves the Green Green Grass up at 3, presumably everybody getting nostalgic for the olden days when grass was green, rather than various shades of brown.

The highest new entry is at 4 for KSI featuring Tom Grennan as they threaten itís Not Over Yet, which as I recall was once a fabulous dance record by Grace, so good it was a hit more than once in the 90ís. This song is not quite in that league but itís not bad, helped no doubt by the fit bod trackie outfits in the video. That reminds me, I must switch from boxers to speedo-style undies if I want to look cool when I go outside the house in trackies. KSI is on his 11th top 40 in 7 years, and Tom Grennan on his 5th if we exclude multi-artist charity collaborations (which we usually do). I donít usually encourage rapper names, but Iím happy to make an exception for 29-year-old Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji. Looking forward to the ďWhat is KSIís real-name?Ē question on Popmaster in a few years.

Number 5, 6, 7 are all non-movers the still fab Late Night Talking is back in the top 10 after peaking top 3 as an album track week one play 12 weeks back for Harry Styles. I Ain't Worried is up again to 9 for OneRepublic as the importance of a movie slot for promo shows it can never be under-estimated in making the difference between a flop and a hit: Ryan Tedder has done way better records that stiffed in the last few years. Sigala also just miss a 9th top 10 at 11, ably assisted by Talia Mar - who just makes me think of Ra's Al Ghul's daughter in Batman. Prob just me though. Sigala topped the chart in 2015 with his Jackson 5 revamp and just kept going.

Meanwhile, Eliza Rose & the Interplanetary Criminals (what a great name!) are new in at 10 with B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) - hang on while I play it a mo. DJ Eliza has a very big fluffy hat. It's a decent dancefloor choon in search of a break or drop or some more lyrics. DJ Khaled drags in mates Drake and Lil Baby to get a chart hit with SHOUTY UPPERCASE STAYING ALIVE at 21. The Bee Gees Stayin' Alive is hard to improve on. So it's a relief that they don't even try. Drake still autotunes his raps and "singing" quarter of a century after Cher gave him the basis for a whole career based on a few seconds in one of her monster hits. You'd think he'd, y'know, try something different after 80 top 40 hits or so, but no, that artistic rut is as deep as the Grand Canyon and just as vacuous.

Also SHOUTY UPPERCASE new in are Joel Corry and Becky Hill, with HISTORY. Michael Jackson and Mai Tai were previously fab with History's, and coming after STAYING ALIVE this is a blessed relief, actual singer alert, and a decent pop dance tune new at 20, pipping DJ Khaled & co. Becky seems to be the go-to guest singer for DJ/Producers these days in search of a collab. Joel's on 8 top 40's, Becky's on 16 in 8 years. Not bad for a contestant on The Voice getting an actual career.

There's yet more new entries, bumper crop alert: Headie One, Abra Cadabra & Bandokay are new at 27 with Can't Be Us. I'm assuming rappers. I like the ice-cream van in the video, could do with one now. They sound lark, sorry LIKE, 2 blokes who were chatting ahead of me on a River Thames walk Sunday. Except their words were largely coherent sentences. Meanwhile I think we can all say we're happy to see HStikkytokky & J Fado chart at 31 with Hold This. Like Headie & his mates, they seem to have an obsession with cats, and finding someone to hold their ting. Mrs Slocombe's pussy would no doubt be a huge fave. An 'ting.

And finally, Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, halsey and Pharrell get a nice climb to 13, worth noting that JT is into his 4th decade of hits with Stay With Me, 24 years on from the fab Max Martin/Dennis Pop track I Want You Back debuted for NSYNC. Do people in the UK still have no idea that it's pronounced In-Sinc in the States? A music pun. Justin is 41 now. Eeek! I should add Chris Brown is also back at 38 with Under The Influence. So many punchlines. Literally. I will resist and also resist playing it and counting how many top 40 chart hits he's had.

In the album charts Bey holds off Eminem for a second week on top. Em is prob marginally peeved that his first Curtain Call is still doing the biz after over 15 years, but the follow-up covering those years has to settle for a peak of 3. I know which volume I'd buy, and I know which volume I'd cherry-pick tracks from. Harry's holding at 2, Ed to 4, and Calvin Harris is also on volume 2 of Funk Wav Bounces, new at 5. Vol 1 peaked at 2 in 2017, and Vol 2 is his 6th top 10 album in 15 years.

Other new entries: KOKOROKO, London-based fusion-jazz afrobeat combo debut at 30 with their second album, Glass Animals are back in with Dreamland at 20, obviously Pet Shop Boys fans there! Not much exciting going-on albums-wise, as it's summer and people are on holiday.

I apologise in advance for any incorrect missed updates on the Friday as I panic-cut-n-paste and add-in new comments from annoying changes in mid-week chart positions. C'est la Chart vie.
Published on: 2022-08-12 by Suedehead2 || 875 Views
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