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LF System top the chart for a seventh week
LF System not afraid of a 7th week on top, Kasabian get a 6th album chart-topper

Itís a comfortable 7th week on top for LF System aka Silk-on-speed, as Afraid To Feel sees off allcomers, pipping the fast-climbing threat from Eliza Rose and her Interplanetary Criminals - we used to call a band of Interplanetary Criminals Blakeís 7 back in the 70ís - as her B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) seems sure to take over the hottest-dance-tune mantle as it rises 8 places to 2. Still loving her hat in the video. That means Beyonce drops 1 with BREAK MY SOUL AT THREE. Sorry, at 3, I mean. That uppercase is addictive. This time itís George Ezraís Green Green Grass that falls short of the top 3 at 4, down one spot. I blame the rain returning.

David Guetta reaches a new peak with his Becky Hill and Ella Henderson collaboration at 5 19 weeks on from me buying it, and 10 weeks on from me overdosing on hearing Crazy What Love Can Do. ACR must beckon soon! OneRepublic climb to 6, their highest position since 2014ís Love Runs Out but Ryan Tedder ainít worried Ďbout that, Calvin Harris & co break the top 10 up 3 from 13, Stay With Me becoming a 28th top 10 for Calvin, 21st for Justin Timberlake (or 28th including NSYNC), 10th for Pharrell Williams and my internet just froze while googling Halsey discography, so Iím assuming thatís not a positive sign (edit: itís her 4th). English DJ James Hype sounds like someone who enjoys bigging up, so Iím sure his Ferrari driving up to 9 will bring a smile onto his and singer Miggy Dela Rosaís faces as da kids clubbing it keep it racing up the charts. Itís not bad but Iíd struggle with the bpmís in a club these days.

Highest new entry is Nicki Minaj, at 15 with Super Freaky Girl, her 40th Top 40 hit in 13 years. Anyone hoping for another Superbass, Starships or Pound The Alarm might be disappointed. I made the mistake of playing it, but it did at least remind me I have a dental-appointment this afternoon, hopefully less painful than sitting through this. Nickiís gone full-on cliche-rap-route, the usual n-word, b-word, hoe-word and obsessing about how she can beat off any rivals cos sheís better at keeping Dick up for longer. Iím assuming thatís her new boyfriendís name and she enjoys watching late night romcoms cuddling together with Richard and discussing inequalities in society.

Cian Ducrot enters at 29 with All For You, fully in the morose solo wannabe-James Arthur male singer mode. Iím guessing he recorded the vocal in the video-featuring pubís toilet to get those important straining emotional phrasings. Debuting at 33, Nicky Youre, dazy is missing an apostrophe and has a superfluous comma and capital Y if we are getting picky about grammar. Sunroof (not a ferrari) is a pleasant bit of pop for lazy hot summer days (watch it drop like a brick unless TikkityTok is pushing streaming it in these duller, cooller, rainier days).

Steve Lacy has a bad habit at 12, up 3, and I suspect itís his John Cleese Ministry Of Silly Walk, judging by the video, but itís more interesting than some others lower down. Bru-Cís up 4 to 14, nice to see ya, to see ya nice, but thereís No Excuses. Bru-C seems like heís trying to get his girlfriend sacked cos sheís got work in the morning when he wants to get some drum Ďní bass action at the club going on. Iím assuming Bru-C doesnít have a job or is too shy to go on his own. In a good week for climbers, Luude & Mattafix climb to 16 with Big City Life as drum Ďní bass is obviously doing the biz right now, Joel Corry & Becky Hill climb 2 with HISTORY for a bit of dancepop at 18. Tiesto & Charli XCX are also up to a new peak of 24, with Hot Innit, something the whole nation would have agreed on a week ago. Finally, Chris Brown is up to a new peak of 32, and Burna Boy & Ed Sheeran to 25.

On the albums chart, Kasabian enter on top for a 6th straight album, as 7th album The Alchemistís Euphoria is an easy win of over 20,000 sales (most of them physical), with Pale Waves a distant 4 after being runner-up most of the week, new in with over 6,000 sales (most of them physical too). Kasabian first charted in 2004, and relative newcomers Pale Waves in 2018, Unwanted being their third and highest-charting top ten album. Harryís House is at 2 for Harry Stylesí Mercury-Prize-nominated set, Beyonce at 3 with RENAISSANCE, and Ed Sheeran still refusing to drop at 5 with =.

Elvis Presleyís Elv1s: 30 Number One Hits is top 10 at 7 with a Vegas movie boost as itís not far off 3 chart years in total, Erasure return with Day-Glo (Based On A True Story) at 29, their 20th studio album, and their 20th Top 40 album slot, including hits and remix albums, since debuting in 1986. Vince Clark goes even further back, with Yazoo and Depeche-Mode, to 1981. The Dualers enter at 26 with Voices From The Sun, the London ska/reggae band have been going since they had a hit single in 2004 with Kiss On The Lips, but this is only their 2nd charting album out of 18 tries.

Danger Mouse & Black Thought combine for a debut at 28, Cheat Codes being their first charting collab, though Danger Mouse previously charted with Karen O, and notably also with the rather good Broken Bells (his band with The Shinsí James Mercer) and Gnarls Barkley (huge success with Cee-Lo Green in the noughties). Black Thought has never charted before, but the rapper/actor has been active for 30 years. Coldplay are back with Music Of The Spheres returning at 23, thanks to the big concerts this week - my mate was there, and Iím not remotely jealous. Iím extremely jealous, itís been over 20 years since I last saw them. They were cheaper in those days.

And that concludes that, hope Suedey is enjoying the cooler temps in France and relaxing, still another week to go! Iíve got Spain booked for September myself....
Published on: 2022-08-19 by Suedehead2 || 627 Views
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3 Sam Smith & Kim Petras
4 Ed Sheeran
5 Cian Ducrot & Ella Henderson
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6 Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal
B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) [Edit]
7 Lizzo
2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)
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