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Sabrina Carpenter climbs to number one
Sabrina Carpenter climbs to the top of the singles chart, replacing Taylor Swift. Swift, though, still has the number one album.

Sabrina Carpenter gets her first number one single in the UK. Taylor Swift tops the albums chart for a second week.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Espreso completes a three-week run to the to pof the chart to give her a first number one single in the UK. Her three previous top forty hits failed even to reach the top ten. Espresso isn’t the first coffee-themed song to top the chart. All Saints’ second best single Black Coffee went to number one in 2000. Other coffee-related hits include Blur’s Coffee And TV and Holly Johnson’s Americanos.

Taylor Swift’s Fortnight falls one place to number two after just one week at the summit. Hozier’s Too Sweet is at number three. Benson Boone’ Beautiful Things is at number four. I Like The Way You Kiss Me by Artemas climbs to number five.

The rule that means that an artist can have more than three songs in the chart (as lead artist) has created another eccentric chart run. As expected, Taylor Swift had three songs from her new album in last week’s chart. This week, her top three songs are slightly different. The Tortured Poets Department, title track of the album, is no longer one of them, so it has dropped out from last week’s number three. It is replaced by I Can Do It With A Broken Heart which enters at number seven. Down Bad falls to number ten. No such rule exists in the US chart which meant that Swift was abe to occupy the top fourteen places in that chart.

Ten years after he started making music, Tommy Richman makes his UK chart debut at number 31 with a piece of rubbish going by the name of Million Dollar Baby. If it takes him another ten years to get a second hit, you won’t hear any complaints from me.

The latest Amy Winehouse biopic has received some indifferent reviews, but that hasn’t stopped an increase in listening to her music. Two of her songs have re-entered the top forty this week. Given its authorship and official billing, it would normally be considered a bit of a stretch to consider Valerie to be one of “her” songs. However, it is indisputable that the version officially credited to Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehuose is better known than the original version by The Zutons. The Ronson / Winehouse version reached number two in 2007 and spent thirteen weeks in the top ten. This week it is at number 38. The original Zutons version reached number nine in 2006.

One song that definitely can be described as Amy Winehouse’s is the title track of her second album Back To Black. The song was only a modest hit in 2007 but it went into the top ten after Winehouse’s untimely death four years later. It is back at number 39.

Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Department gets a second week at number one. Many of the songs on the album, including the four that have been in the singles chart over the last two weeks, were co-written and co-produced by Jack Antonoff who was in the albums chart a few weeks ago with his band Bleachers.

The highest new entry in the albums chart come from Pet Sboys who have been making great music for four decades. Nonetheless includes two tracks which borrow heavily on two of their many hit singles West End Girls and Domino Dancing. At least they can’t sue themselves for plagiarism. Nonetheless, possibly the duo's best album for years, enters at number two. It is their nineteenth top ten album. Sadly, only one of them, 1993’s Very, went all the way to the top.

The Weeknd is at number three with Highlights. Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts is at four.

Anne Clark, known by the rather more exotic moniker St Vincent, started her career as a member of the wonderfully odd band Polyphonic Spree and released her first solo album in 2007. She didn’t reach the top forty under her own name until she recorded an album with David Byrne in 2012 and then made it on her own in 2014. She gets her third successive top ten album with All Born Screaming at number five. We are still waiting for her to form a backing band called The Grenadines. If Pet Shop Boys can plagiarise their own songs, I can plagiarise my own jokes.

Jess Glynne’s first two album bth went to number one. However, a lack of recent singles chart success and a release date just one week after a new Taylor Swift album made it unlikely that she would achieve a hat-trick. Jess enters at number six. It is unlikely that this new album with enjoy anything close to the longevity of the two previous releases.

By one of those weird coincidences beloved by many, The Zutons enter the albums chart in the week that a cover version of their most famous song re-enters the top forty singles chart. The Big Decider, the Liverpool band’s first release for sixteen years, is at number seven.

Laufey, the Icelandic singer-songwriter who isn’t Bjork, enters at number thirteen with Bewitched. Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds To Summer has a solo album (well, an EP) in the top forty for the first time. Boy is at number 22.

Canadian producer Partynextdoor (it looks too ugly when shown all in upper case as is his wont) is at number 26 with Partynextdoor 4 (Pt 4). No, there haven’t been albums called Partynextdoor 4 (Pts 1 to 3). How confusing. Justice, the French duo who aren't Daft Punk or Air, are at number 34 with Hyperdrama.
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3rd May 2024, 05:27 PM
‘psychedelic pop-infused’? Pull the other one!
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Laufey's album is actually a re-entry, it charted at #89 last year.
3rd May 2024, 06:56 PM
Say that hiss with your chest, and...
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Was expecting a pun 'Sabrina Carpenter builds her way to #1'.
3rd May 2024, 09:34 PM
BuzzJack Legend
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Bah, I should have got the "built her way" line.
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