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 Leona Lewis previews fifth studio album to rave reviews
Published on: 15 Apr 2015 - 18:54 by - Apricot
Leona Lewis performed five songs from her upcoming fifth studio album, currently slated for release this Summer, at an album showcase last night. Amongst the songs performed were her new single "Fire (Under My Feet)".

After 15 months of waiting for new Leona Lewis material, a selected number of lucky fans were given a treat of previewing new tracks from Leona's upcoming fifth studio album. She performed a set-list of five songs, for which many media sites and fans have published rave reviews.

The first song she performed was titled "I Am" (which is also the rumoured album title). Digital Spy described the song as "an empowering mid-tempo ballad that has a razor sharp defiance."

The second song was "I Got You" - incidentally not the song of the same name from 'Echo'. This song was in fact an uptempo number which Leona had previewed yesterday on Instagram during her rehearsals for the showcase. Digital Spy concluded that it's "positive, it's infectious, and it has a real chance of becoming a hit."

Another two albums tracks "Ladders" and "Thank You" were also performed. The former was described by one fan as being "a lot darker" compared to Leona's usual sound. The latter is a song written as a tribute to her parents. Her stunned the crowd with simply her voice and a piano accompaniment, as she did back when she won The X Factor 9 years ago.

Finally, she closed the showcase with her new single "Fire (Under My Feet)" which was met with rare reviews from fans and media alike. MTV stated "itís got attitude, a thumping beat and the crowd cheering". While fans claimed this song was the big hit which Leona needed for a big comeback. With rumours of a potential Britain's Got Talent performance in May, the prospects for Leona's new album and single are looking very promising indeed.

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