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> Top 40 Countdown by awardinary (W/E 11/12/2020) | Chart #77, I thought it would be Easier for RAYE to be #1 but I'm Satisfied
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post 11th December 2020, 04:13 PM
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Week Ending 11/12/2020

newup.png 1. RAYE & Rudimental – Regardless
newdown.png 2. Shane Codd – Get Out My Head
newup.png 3. Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby – Levitating
newright.png 4. Jax Jones & Au/Ra – i miss u
newup.png 5. Tiλsto – The Business
newdown.png 6. KC Lights – Girl
newup.png 7. Eric Prydz – NOPUS
newdown.png 8. Bicep – Saku
newup.png 9. CamelPhat feat. LOWES – Easier
newdown.png 10. Disciples – I Got You
newup.png 11. Becky Hill – Space
newdown.png 12. Bicep – Apricots
newdown.png 13. Paul Woolford & Diplo feat. Kareen Lomax – Looking For Me
newne.png 14. Billen Ted – Satisfied
newright.png 15. MEDUZA feat. Dermot Kennedy – Paradise
newup.png 16. Mark Knight & Rene Amesz feat. Tasty Lopez – All 4 Love
newup.png 17. The Weeknd – Save Your Tears
[29-17->2] — BIGGEST CLIMBER
newdown.png 18. Imanbek & Martin Jensen – I'm Just Feelin' (Du Du Du)
newdown.png 19. High Contrast feat. LOWES – Rhythm Is Changing
newne.png 20. Paloma Faith – Gold
newne.png 21. Solardo & Rowetta – Enough
newup.png 22. Diplo & Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time
newdown.png 23. Pax & Gorgon City – Alive
newright.png 24. London Grammar – Baby It's You [Kolsch Remix]
newdown.png 25. Becky Hill & Sigala – Heaven On My Mind
newup.png 26. Sleepwalkrs feat. MNEK – More Than Words
newright.png 27. Ava Max – My Head & My Heart
newne.png 28. Jason Derulo & Nuka – Love Not War (The Tampa Beat)
newdown.png 29. PBH & Jack feat. Sash Sings – Lose CTRL
newdown.png 30. Marshmello & Imanbek feat. Usher – Too Much
newdown.png 31. Noizu – Summer 91
newdown.png 32. MK feat. Carla Monroe – 2AM
[9-18-32->3] — BIGGEST FALLER
newdown.png 33. Route 94 feat. L Devine – Sad Songs
newne.png 34. Purple Disco Machine & Mind Enterprises – Exotica
newdown.png 35. John Summit & Guz – Thin Line
newdown.png 36. Harry Styles – Golden
newdown.png 37. Torren Foot feat. Tinie Tempah & L Devine – More Life
newdown.png 38. Little Mix – Sweet Melody
newdown.png 39. Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind
newdown.png 40. Tones & I – Fly Away
    Out of the Top 40
Sonny Fodera & Ella Eyre – Wired
Loud Luxury & Morgan St. Jean – Aftertaste
Lucky Luke – Cooler Than Me
Love Regenerator & Steve Lacey – Live Without Your Love
Armand Van Helden & Riva Starr feat. Sharlene Hector – Step It Up
    Chart Commentary
"Thank you for checking out the weekly Top 40 Countdown by awardinary. This week sees a new song at the top of the charts in a week where there were 5 new entries.

Firstly, may I say thank you to the following 7 people who viewed and commented on my personal chart last week: fAddytale of NYC, James Frost ☃️, Sergej, Buy Levitating, dancemberlexa, Christmasteve201 and Road Salt Mixer. Responses to your comments are in the below post. happy.gif

As aforementioned, there is a change at the top of the chart this week, it’s a climb of one place for RAYE & Rudimental who put Shane Codd down a place. It is a fine collaboration and one that will hopefully have some sort of official chart impact in early 2021. CamelPhat enter into the Top 10 this week too with Easier, recently added to the Radio 1 Playlist too. This week's Track of The Week has been given to Tiλsto who climbs into the Top 5 this week.

The highest new entry this week comes from an artist called Billen Ted. It enters at #14 this week, along with that entry, there are also new entries from Paloma Faith, Solardo & Rowetta, Jason Derulo & Naku and Purple Disco Machine & Mind Enterprises.

The award for biggest climber this week goes to The Weeknd. Save Your Tears climbs up 12 places this week. MK is the biggest victim this week and sees his single 2AM falls 14 places.

The Top 40 Countdown bids farewell to the following artists from this week’s chart; Sonny Fodera & Ella Eyre, Loud Luxury & Morgan St. Jean, Lucky Luke, Love Regenerator & Steve Lacey and Armand Van Helden & Riva Starr.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my personal chart this week. Comments are welcomed of course, and I hope I can make time to take a look at your personal charts also both for future inspiration and to acknowledge your hard work at putting it together too! happy.gif"
    Track Of The Week

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post 11th December 2020, 04:16 PM
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QUOTE(fAddytale of NYC @ Dec 4 2020, 06:39 PM) *
Omg I missed including Shane Codd in my chart this week lmao...but I definitely added officially on my Spotify playlist so it won't happen the same next week cheer.gif

Amazing chart Andrew and I need to listen to Tiesto, Diplo and Prydz songs since usually I am a fan of theirs!!!
Hi Addy! hi.gif

What!? How could you miss Shane Codd this week! ohmy.gif

Hope you like the entries from Tiλsto, Diplo & Eric Prydz, all of which climb on my chart again this week! cheer.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif

QUOTE(James Frost ☃️ @ Dec 5 2020, 10:00 AM) *
Hey Wardy!

Get Out any Head with another week at #1 yay! I love it. It will be added to my rotative playlist for charting on Wednesday ednesdsy cheer.gif it's a shame it seems to be going the wrong way officially but hopefully after Xmas it can climb back up the chart.
Yay for Regardless. It's a great track. Loving the use of the sample.
Space is climbing yass. It's such a bop. It's a shame it didn't really do anything officially on the charts. It's so radio friendly!
My Head & My Heart is quite good (for Ava Max at least.) The sample i love of course, but the actual song itself isn't bit bland?
What on earth is happening with Sweet Melody? I'm not here for this sort of naff chart run tongue.gif

Fantastic chart!
Hi James! hi.gif

Glad you’re loving Shane Codd’s single right now, I think it could stick around my Top 10 for a few more weeks yet! I am sure it will reach a new official UK chart peak in 2021.

Regardless is really resonating with me right now, just such a great use of a sample, and one that I truly hope can enter the UK Top 40 in the new year! biggrin.gif

You might very well see Space in the Top 10 next week, maybe even the Top 5! ohmy.gif

You will have to accept that Sweet Melody would have lasted a few weeks longer near the top if I had charted it sooner. tongue.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif

QUOTE(Sergej @ Dec 5 2020, 03:54 PM) *
Hey there Wardy!
Nice to see "The Business" and "NOPUS" in the top 10!
From your debuts, I like "Rhythm Is Changing", "Golden" and "Fly Away"!
Great chart!
Hi Sergej! hi.gif

Both The Business and NOPUS climb even more this week!

Glad you enjoyed my chart debuts too, they all hold on for another week at least.

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif

QUOTE(Buy Levitating @ Dec 5 2020, 05:21 PM) *

First time popping into comment on your chart! Lots I recognize from the dance playlists on Spotify

1. Shane Codd – Get Out My Head [1-1->2] Really underrated wub.gif Just entered my chart this week but it could challenge for a top 10 peak in coming weeks
2. RAYE & Rudimental – Regardless [4-2->2] Have been over playing this a bit! The Rapture sample somehow works and doesn't bug me like a sample usually would
3. KC Lights – Girl [2-3->2]
4. Jax Jones & Au/Ra – i miss u [5-4->2] I got bored of this after 2 plays oops. This sound is so overdone at the moment
5. Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby – Levitating [6-5->2] w00t.gif Future top 3 or chart topper pls
6. Bicep – Saku [3-6->2]
7. Bicep – Apricots [7-7->2]
9. Disciples – I Got You [14-9->2]
10. Eric Prydz – NOPUS [19-10->2] — BIGGEST CLIMBER
11. Paul Woolford & Diplo feat. Kareen Lomax – Looking For Me [13-11->2]
13. CamelPhat feat. LOWES – Easier [11-13->2] Love this, preferring the gorgeous Carry Me Away feat Jem Cooke a lot more though. (Another sampling done right)
14. Pax & Gorgon City – Alive [8-14->2]
18. MK feat. Carla Monroe – 2AM [9-18->2]
19. Noizu – Summer 91 [10-19->2]
21. Becky Hill & Sigala – Heaven On My Mind [24-21->2]
24. London Grammar – Baby It's You [Kolsch Remix] [25-24->2] Nice to see another fan of this version! It peaked at #5 on my chart. The Maya Jane Coles remix of Californian Soil is quite nice too!
27. Ava Max – My Head & My Heart [27->1]
30. John Summit & Guz – Thin Line [29-30->2]
34. Loud Luxury & Morgan St. Jean – Aftertaste [31-34->2]
36. Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind [35-36->2]
Hi Kath! hi.gif

The appreciation for so many entries in my chart right now!

Shane Codd, RAYE & Rudimental, Dua Lipa and CamelPhat are all doing strongly here right now, if I had started my chart sooner you would have seen London Grammar peaking higher, but it is a non-mover this week!

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif

QUOTE(dancemberlexa @ Dec 9 2020, 12:14 PM) *
great to see Tiλsto and especially Eric Prydz climb into the top 10 this week!
hopefully Raye & Not Regard can overtake Shane Codd next week as I prefer their song. tongue.gif
my fave new entry here is Diplo/Sonny Fodera. Sonny was once a former BJSC entrant of mine so seeing him now get collabs with MK and Diplo is impressive.
I also like the High Contrast, The Weeknd and Tones & I entries.
great chart!
Hi Dan! hi.gif

Yes, two great songs right now that I’m enjoying, and they continue to climb!

Your wish is my command, RAYE & Rudimental do indeed overtake Shane Codd for this week! tongue.gif

I did not know that Sonny Fodera was a former BJSC entry of yours, but that’s great foresight on your part to pick him out as a future producer who would go on to work with some big names! Unfortunately one Sonny Fodera song drops out of my chart this week.

Thanks for the appreciation for the new entries last week, hope you enjoy this weeks too.

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif

QUOTE(Christmasteve201 @ Dec 10 2020, 12:52 AM) *
How good is the new material by Bicep - deservedly high in your chart!!
Hi Steve! hi.gif

The new material by Bicep is certainly very high quality, and I look forward to more from them in the future. cheer.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif

QUOTE(Road Salt Mixer @ Dec 10 2020, 08:12 PM) *
I like that Shane Codd track, it has a little bit of a nostalgic 00s clubland feel to it, the bit just before the chorus/drop reminds me of Cahill's Trippin On You a bit.

The Business is a bit basic production wise but it is still a good track in a similar style to Meduza, and better than the latest single from Meduza themselves, agree with danG that Paradise was a bit of a disappointment.

Too Much is a good dance track which has been underappreciated sadly. More Life and Step It Up I am not bored of yet, two of the dance tracks of the year for me, I assume Step It Up would have been higher in your chart if you would have started it a few months ago, its all about The Answer (with Chris Lake) now from Armand now, I think that might become bigger than Step It Up.
Hi Snakey! hi.gif
You know, I can see the comparison with Cahill which was a track I really enjoyed a decade or so ago! ohmy.gif

The Business still climbs for me this week, it is a bit basic in its production but enjoyable nonetheless. The MEDUZA track with Dermot Kennedy is a non-mover this week, but I think it will start to drop in the coming weeks. to have someone else on this forum appreciate Too Much, and as for More Life, I agree it is a good dance song of 2020, and it reminds me of Axwell’s single Nobody Else (probably because of the “More Life” reference).

Step It Up drops out the chart this week for me, but it might indeed have peaked higher if I had restarted my personal chart sooner. I am yet to see if and where The Answer will feature on a future chart of mine.

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
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AH Gold
post 13th December 2020, 12:44 PM
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Hi there,

Great to see Raye at No.1 here. Also, I'm loving seeing Tiesto and Camelphat in the top ten too.

Plus Harry and Little Mix lower down.

Great chart! wub.gif
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post 13th December 2020, 04:10 PM
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Hey there Wardy hi.gif heart.gif

Pretty good #1 - I was taken aback by the sample use when I first heard it laugh.gif my favourite new entry is definitely 'Enough', what a tune wub.gif

great chart happy.gif
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post 13th December 2020, 04:15 PM
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Hello! I love to see 'Levitating' so high - I am obsessed with it. 'Sweet Melody' so low though ohmy.gif
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post 14th December 2020, 10:03 AM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Hey Wardy! Looks like I missed your chart when you posted it oop X

Regardless at #1 cheer.gif I did say this would eb charting next week but it just so happens that Taylor surprise dropped an album so it's been delayed and because I shuffled a few things round, it won't chart untik the 20th January now oop.
Get Out My Head only dropped to #2 cheer.gif wub.gif I adore it so I'm not complaining. Glad to see it's gonna have a great chart run.
Levitating up to the top 3 yass. It's gonna climb for me again this week. I can feel it tongue.gif
Ohhh Space is just outside the top 10 now *.* It's well and truly peaked for me. After I entered my Xmas songs, I realised how much the song had wore on me laugh.gif
Gold straight In at #20 cheer.gif Hopefully a future too 5/10 here! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Fantastic chart!
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post 14th December 2020, 10:17 PM
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Hi there Wardy!
Nice to see "Levitating" in the top 3, "Easier" reaching the top 10, the big gain for "Save Your Tears" and the debuts for "Enough" and "Exotica"!
Great chart!
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post 17th December 2020, 11:12 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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New #1 ohmy.gif

I just recently became little addicted to Raye's - Natalie Don't...probably 4-5 months too late lol.

Nice to see Dua climbing and I need to listen to new Tiesto...gotta be good since it's charting on Spotify as well!!

Lovely chart Andrew wub.gif

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