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> F1 2020 Drivers Rate
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post Sep 6 2020, 04:03 PM
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It's the return of the Mack.
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xx Lewis Hamilton
xx Valtteri Bottas
xx Sebastian Vettel
xx Charles Leclerc
xx Max Verstappen
xx Alexander Albon
xx Lando Norris
xx Carlos Sainz Jr
xx Daniel Ricciardo
xx Esteban Ocon
xx Pierre Gasly
xx Danill Kvyat
xx Sergio Perez
xx Lance Stroll
xx Nico Hulkenberg
xx Kimi Raikkonen
xx Antonio Giovanazzi
xx Romain Grosjean
xx Kevin Magnussen
xx George Russell
xx Nicholas Latifi

Rate the class of 2020, from 10 to 0, you can one '11' and one '-1'. All commentary is welcome about the drivers please try and keep it family friendly.

You have until 30th October to get your rates done.

Last year's results:
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post Sep 10 2020, 11:12 AM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Good to see this back, think there'll be a few notable shifts from last season's results that's for sure!

11 Lewis Hamilton [still the class of the field of course. it's all the car blah blah blah but he's consistently destroying his perfectly competent teammate in races. onwards to breaking all the f1 records!]

07 Valtteri Bottas [the perfect wing-man but also underperforming when factoring in his car. only time he comes close to lewis is in quali. poor racecraft and poor in wheel-to-wheel combat. only comfortable when leading from the front]

07 Sebastian Vettel [hard to rank as he's completely fallen out with his team so this season for sure isn't a true reflection. but he's been on a constant downward spiral since mid-2018 and was comprehensively beaten by leclerc last year. class is permanent yes but how many times has he spun in the past 3 years?]

09 Charles Leclerc [one of the best on the grid but hard to showcase that in this season's dog of a ferrari. supremely talented but has also made a few driver errors this season in austria & italy]

10 Max Verstappen [undeniably quick and has matured to cut out the mistakes and look very comfortable when leading. team is completely built around him but he's getting the absolute max out of the car all the same]

06 Alexander Albon [difficult to rate as the entire team is suited to max which leaves this "#2 seat" a completely poisoned chalice. that said he's never even been close in quali & has made too many mistakes in races this season. super unlucky though as could & should have had 2 podiums and possibly even a win by now]

08 Lando Norris [one for the future definitely. has raised his game this season to be beating his team-mate and deservedly earn his first podium. will be very interesting to see who comes out on top between him & ric next season]

08 Carlos Sainz Jr [i'll put him on par with lando as he's been super unlucky this season & has been capable of his monza drive a few times already this season but for misfortune. a solid & dependable driver that has come of age at mclaren. good luck in the tractor next season oops]

10 Daniel Ricciardo [without doubt one of the best on the grid & is comprehensively thrashing the highly rated ocon this season. deserves a podium at renault before his hopefully very timely switch to mclaren. no one on the grid better at overtaking]

07 Esteban Ocon [his been a little disappointing with all the fanfare and the fact a lot of people thought he should have taken bottas' merc seat last year. but he has had a year out so must factor that in. hasn't really pushed to threaten ric this season but if he then loses to a 41-year old alonso next season questions must be asked]

08 Pierre Gasly [definitely some recency bias here but he's now a race winner so he's gotta be pushed up from that alone. obviously brilliant when comfortable in a team but can't forgot how out of his depth he was last season. that said, he's got 2 podiums now in the b team whereas his replacement is yet to manage any at all]

06 Danill Kvyat [the odd decent display but generally unconvincing and his seat may be at risk with gasly bringing in all the headlines. he's shaken off his torpedo tag somewhat but is still rather inconsistent]

07 Sergio Perez [shame he's losing his seat again but this has been a weak season so far by his standards. he's a solid driver that has lucked into a few podiums during his career but earned them from taking advantage of such situations. never had confidence he'd be able to push on and become a top tier driver]

07 Lance Stroll [has impressed myself & many doubters this season. now he's in a stronger car he hasn't looked out of his depth and has earned his seat. still elements of his racecraft to improve upon but easy to forget he's still one of the youngest on the grid]

07 Nico Hulkenberg [all the RP drivers on pretty much equal ground imo! unlucky to lose his seat yes but he was largely outperformed by ric at renault. that said he definitely deserves one ahead of other drivers on this list but he has choked on a number of opportunities to earn that elusive first podium]

07 Kimi Raikkonen [obviously past his best but still has the racecraft to dice it with the best, he's just in a much slower car now. he's one of the fairest drivers out there in wheel-to-wheel combat and i'd like him to stick around at least another season or two]

05 Antonio Giovanazzi [disappointing so far this season. has made a handful of driver errors and just when he was starting to get on top of his veteran teammate he's slipped back behind in recent races. needs to improve and quickly to retain his seat imo]

03 Romain Grosjean [definitely time to hang the helmet up, has overstayed his welcome in the sport with a number of poor seasons recently. once a solid driver at lotus, now a bit of a liability that is hogging a seat in the sport. has generally been quite far off his teammate's pace too

05 Kevin Magnussen [more dependable than his teammate but still underwhelming. capable of the odd standout performance but always carries the risk of an overly-aggressive move. another one who needs to up his game]

08 George Russell [a star for the future of course and fully deserving of an eventual merc seat. extremely impressive in quali, consistently making q2 these days. small question mark over not being able to capitalise on the crazy weekends and finally earn his first point(s)]

06 Nicholas Latifi [has proven to be a bit more capable than i had initially expected and put in some solid if unspectacular drives. deserving of his seat even though he is still some way off the pace of his teammate in general]
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post Sep 29 2020, 06:24 PM
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It's the return of the Mack.
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Extending this for another month, hoping for some more rates.
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post Sep 29 2020, 11:10 PM
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Yeah, soryy, I will get around to this in the next few days
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post Oct 1 2020, 01:33 AM
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07 Lewis Hamilton - Great driver of course, but he's barely had to make any effort, such is the lack of competition. The only driver out there in a car capable of taking the fight to him simply isn't up to the job. That pole in Spa was impressive though.

05 Valtteri Bottas - Has the occasional fast lap within him but it's never enough to realistically challenge Hamilton and he can't keep it up over a race distance. And being outqualified by Verstappen at Sochi was embarrssing.

05 Sebastian Vettel - I don't doubt his desire, he's clearly still making an effort but he's always been suspect in traffic and the current Ferrari is doing him no favours. Being partnered with one of the best drivers on the grid is also making things worse. The longer this goes on the more it looks like those four titles were down to the car and not him. If he is bested by Stroll next year he needs to walk away from F1 fast.

09 Charles Leclerc - That Ferrari is awful. The worst car they've produced since 1981. That Charles has managed to drag some half decent results out of it demonstrates that he's no one season wonder. A potential world champion. Although probably not with Ferrari. Did I mention before that he reminds me of Jean Alesi?

11 Max Verstappen - Class of the field right now. That Red Bull is not as good as he's making it look. I'm far from convinced it is the 2nd best car on the grid and yet Max is making a decent driver in Albon look bad. Yes, the team is set up around him but so were Benetton and Ferrari for Schumacher and yet Herbert, Barrichello and Irvine could still compete at the front, Albon can't. Max is destined for legendary status, whether he wins a title or not

06 Alexander Albon - A good driver struggling with a poor car. If he could sort out his qualifying set up he would look so much better as his race performances aren't that bad.

08 Lando Norris - A bit off an on this year but clearly has the talent required to win races if the car beneath him is good enough.

08 Carlos Sainz Jr - I'm giving him the edge ever so slightly over Norris because I think he's both a touch more consistent and has greater experience. Genuinely gutted he'll be stuck in a crappy car next year.

10 Daniel Ricciardo - Among the best on the grid and currently making the highly rated Esteban Ocon look less than ordinary. The Renault is improving quickly and the worry is that they'll overtake McLaren just as he leaves to join them.

06 Esteban Ocon - I've honestly never got the fuss about him. Never seen anything to suggest he's in the sport long term.

08 Pierre Gasly - The Red Bull job was too soon last year but he's learned from his disappointment, drawn on that experience been the most improved driver of the year. His win at Monza was the most joyous F1 result in far too long.

06 Danill Kvyat - Not the slightly erratic presence he was in the past and he can still be somewhat unpredictable, performance wise but he deserves his seat, and I never thought I'd say that.

08 Sergio Perez - F1 is a cruel sport. One where talent, loyalty and results count for little on occasion. Perez has bettered Stroll over the season, even allowing for Covid 19 and I believe he would have bettered Vettel were they together next year. Wherever he ends up next year will be both very lucky and beneath him.

06 Lance Stroll - Whatever decision his father makes should not be held against Lance. He's improved greatly in the last 12 months. I'm still undecided on how good he may be but he's learning and he's beginning to show real potential at times.

07 Nico Hulkenberg - A fun cameo and he was certainly not the worst on the grid but Still believe he's a perennial underachiever. I do like the guy though

07 Kimi Raikkonen - Flashes of the old brilliance that seemed missing in his final Ferrari days and still one of the fairest drivers out there but clearly passed his prime speed wise, but experience counts for a lot and he can still deliver.

05 Antonio Giovanazzi - He's ok but will be lucky to keep his seat next year, especially with Mick Schumacher lurking.

03 Romain Grosjean - Erratic and occasionally dangerous to be near. Haas can do better, Grosjean had potential once but should have retired a few years back

04 Kevin Magnussen - Really very ordinary, more stable than his team mate but rarely impresses.

08 George Russell - The Williams is much better this year and George must be turning heads. A very mature and talented driver even despite his questionable role in the Mugello crash

05 Nicholas Latifi - He gets a 6 as he's been unremarkable for good or bad and anything else seems harsh. Also can't tell if the disparity between his and Russell's qualifying is down to Russell being great, his lack of experience in the team, or a lack of ability.

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post Oct 1 2020, 10:06 AM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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08 Lewis Hamilton
Good but not THAT good. I actually would really like to see him race in a less-good car like Ferrari and see what he'd do. Also makes rookie mistakes.
02 Valtteri Bottas
Biggest disappointment of the season. With such car and such poor results. A F1 driver that is bad at passing cars and hasn't mastered it yet has no place in Mercedes.
00 Sebastian Vettel
Why Ferrari is not firing him and having him replaced? his mind is not there. Just replace him
09 Charles Leclerc
One of the best, amazing performances with a tractor-car.
07 Max Verstappen
Like Lewis, good but not THAT good. Still making thousands of mistakes like a rookie but he's not.
04 Alexander Albon
I would move him down to Alfa Tauri without a second thought. <doesn't deserve the seat.
09 Lando Norris
Very good. Quick in quality more than in race, but he's getting there. Top driver.
11 Carlos Sainz Jr
The best by far despite not having the best car and his team letting him down in many races especially when they change tires.
10 Daniel Ricciardo
Top driver, motivated, fast, good at passing cars, he's everything Bottas is not.
03 Esteban Ocon
One of disappointments of the season. Kinda had this memory of him being great but he hasn't shown it this season and Ricciardo has constantly put him to shame. Not great at passing cars either, a bit like Bottas part 2.
08 Pierre Gasly
I'd definitely move him up to Red Bull. Doesn't deserve being in the B-team.
04 Danill Kvyat
Not doing much this year, bit overshadowed by Gasly.
07 Sergio Perez
Reliable and a good driver. Doesn't deserve to be kicked out.
02 Lance Stroll
Still don't think he's that great. He can't pass cars either. He's just lucky to be in a pseudo-Mercedes
05 Nico Hulkenberg
Cannot really judge.
05 Kimi Raikkonen
Good but not great. Being a fair player doesn't make you a great driver. Maybe it's time to say goodbye.
02 Antonio Giovanazzi
Another disappointing driver. Not sure if he deserves a seat in F1. Hasn't proved anything.
00 Romain Grosjean
Just retire please. A shame to F1.
00 Kevin Magnussen
same as Grosjean. It's embarrassing to see him in F1.
06 George Russell
Good but again not as great as people say. He hasn't wowed me in any race. He does well on Saturday but not especially on Sunday.
03 Nicholas Latifi
Always outshined by Russell, same car meaning Latifi is not doing a good job.
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